One of mine favorite stories of President thomas S. Monson come in a speak entitled “Dare to was standing Alone.” In the talk, president Monson told about the end of his very first week in Navy boot camp. ~ his commanding officer directed the Catholics, Protestants, and also Jews to walk to prayer services, president Monson was left standing alone, or so he thought. Yet as he looked around, the realized the he was in reality standing with others that his belief that he had not seen.

President Monson then explained that all of us will sometimes have to stand alone in defense the our faith or in law what we think to it is in right.

“With every my heart and soul, ns pray the every man who stop the priesthood will honor the priesthood and also be true come the trust which was conveyed as soon as it was conferred. Might each of us who holds the priesthood the God recognize what that believes. May we ever be courageous and also prepared to stand for what us believe, and if we have to stand alone in the process, may we execute so courageously, strengthened by the understanding that in fact we are never alone once we stand with our dad in Heaven.”

I was reminded that this story today, together I watched the plot of senator Mitt Romney (R-UT). Senator Romney was the only member of his party who broke ranks and voted to convict President Donald trumped of a count of abuse the power. More than that, councilor Romney is the only human in U.S. Background to poll to convict a chairman of his or her very own party.

Whether girlfriend agree or disagree through his selection (and it is no shock that i strongly support his decision), councilor Romney’s willingness to follow his conscience also if it supposed standing alone is inspiring.

Romney spoke passionately about his decision on the Senate floor. His remarks were filled through the fervor that someone that is following his convictions. Romney defined that he had taken “an oath, before God, to exercise ‘impartial justice.”” the emphasized that as “a profoundly spiritual person” the oath was “enormously consequential.” Romney rubbish the need that that “stand with the team” and betray his conscience. He listed that his “promise prior to God to apply impartial justice forced that I placed my personal feelings and also biases aside. Were ns to neglect the proof that has actually been presented, and also disregard what I believe my oath and the Constitution needs of me for the benefits of a partisan end, it would, i fear, reveal my personality to history’s rebuke and also the censure of my own conscience.”

Romney to be well mindful of the consequences of his decision. The knew that he would be labelled a traitor and that the President and also his allies would come after the with all of the pressure they can muster. Yet he could not vote however to convict because of “an inevitable conviction that my oath prior to God demanded it of me?”

Romney knew his vote would certainly not readjust the outcome. Yet he voted because that the services of background and his posterity:

But regardless of of these things, v my vote, I will tell my children and their children that i did mine duty come the finest of mine ability, believing the my nation expected the of me. Ns will only be one name among many, no an ext or less, come future generations of Americans that look in ~ the document of this trial. They will certainly note simply that i was amongst the senators who established that what the chairman did was wrong, grievously wrong.

We’re every footnotes at finest in the annals of history. However in the most powerful nation on earth, the nation conceived in liberty and also justice, that is distinction enough for any type of citizen.

In one interview v Chris Wallace about his vote, senator Romney placed his decision in starkly religious terms yet invoking the Hymn”Do what is right.”

“There’s a hymn that is sung in mine church. It’s an old good news hymn, i m sorry is, do what is right, allow the repercussion follow. I understand in mine heart the I’m doing what’s right. I recognize there’s walk to be enormous repercussion and i don’t have a selection in the regard. It is why ns haven’t to be anxious to be in the position I’m in. … I had actually to follow my conscience.”

In one more interview v McKay Coppins in the Atlantic, Romney invoked the example of his dad George Romney that courageously stood against his part in defense of polite rights. And also he quoted his father’s favourite scripture native D&C 90:24: “Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and also all points shall work-related together for your good.” Romney also spoke that his continuous prayer transparent the process.

For me, the instance of Mitt Romney is a an effective one for numerous reasons. I love the instance of a son illustration courage from his father’s brave instance at his minute of trial. Ns love city council Romney’s willingness to was standing alone. I love how one man’s courageous example makes a difference, also if that influence is not easily measured in readjusted votes. Today, city council Romney stand in defense that virtue and a willingness to perform the appropriate thing also if it is unpopular. He provided hope to many who had lost hope that any one was left in the Republican party that was willing to was standing up and speak the truth.

I am proud to be member the the Church the Senator Romney belong to. I see how his faith his influenced his actions and also led that to was standing apart.

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And also I understand that as President Monson explained, as soon as we stand for appropriate we are never truly standing alone.