No living human being knows what happens when we die, but here"s what we"ve gleaned from background and some near-death survivors who said they glimpsed the other side.

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What happens once you dice is perhaps among the biggest mysteries ~ above Earth, simply since none the us know the answer and yet every one of us will experience fatality eventually.

Humankind’s an excellent thinkers have been pondering this concern for millennia. And in 1994, one orthopedic surgeon called Tony Cicoria may have actually come near to fixing this great mystery once he to be struck by a nearly-fatal bolt that lightning in upstate brand-new York. Cicoria felt self fly backward and the following thing the remembered was transforming around to view his human body lying ~ above the soil behind him.

For a moment, Cicoria reported, the stood there and also watched a woman do CPR on his body prior to he floated up a flight of stair to watch his youngsters play in your rooms.

“Then ns was surrounding by a bluish-white light,” Cicoria recalled, “an huge feeling of well-being and also peace… The highest and lowest clues of mine life raced by me. I had the late of accelerating, being attracted up… Then, as I to be saying to myself, ‘This is the most glorious emotion I have ever had’ — slam! i was back.”


Public DomainA relenten of death personified and holding a sword, circa 1500, taken native Book the Hours, comprise prayers and rites.

Medieval Christians, ~ above the various other hand, lived their resides considering and preparing for death, mostly due to the fact that they were surrounding by it. Without modern medicine, there to be high prices of child mortality and also disease, while famine and also war were additionally rampant. This was the age of the black color Death, after all. Christian europeans (and Americans) hence still tend toward fatality rituals that are an ext highly prepared and orchestrated in terms of things choose coffins and also funerary rites.

Meanwhile, the old Egyptians thought that the dead had actually to an initial pass through the underworld before they could rest in the afterlife. Yet the trip to the immortality was riddled with obstacles, therefore the old Egyptians hidden their love ones through scrolls inscribed through spells to protect and guide them come their last resting place. Archaeologists have even uncovered maps the the underworld in tombs intended to direct the dead in the afterlife.

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What yes, really Happens after You die — From civilization Who’ve been There

Setting beside what wake up to the deceased’s human body after lock die, what wake up to them, come their an extremely being and also their soul? while the world’s cultures and religions can offer some feasible answers, so deserve to survivors that near-death experiences.

In 1988, actress mrs Seymour got in anaphylactic shock. Together her body began to close up door down, her mind continued to be aware.

“I had actually the vision of seeing a white light and looking down and also seeing myself in this bedroom v a nurse frantically do the efforts to save my life and jabbing injections in me, and also I’m calmly watching this whole thing,” she said, explicate a scene common in reports from those who have nearly died.

Dr. Sam Parnia recorded this phenomenon through multiple survivors throughout his 2014 examine of near-death experiences. One patient can recall what was happening in the hospital for a full three minute after his heart had actually stopped.

“The man described everything that had actually happened in the room, yet importantly, the heard two bleeps indigenous a device that provides a noise in ~ three-minute intervals,” claimed Parnia. “So we might time just how long the endure lasted for. He seemed an extremely credible and everything that he said had actually happened to him had actually actually happened.”

While no every survivor the Parnia speak with had actually an out-of-body experience, as countless as 40 percent the them carry out recall having some kind of “awareness” as soon as they were claimed clinically dead.

Even after ~ flatlining, countless survivors recall see a bright, welcome light, or their deceased relatives, or the doctors and also nurses functioning on lock in the hospital.

What’s more, numerous of the human being who skilled consciousness after fatality remember not wanting to return to their bodies.

However, many scientists stay skeptical of this reports and attribute them to everything from lucid dreaming to a lack of oxygen in the brain. While an ext research needs to it is in done before we know for sure what happens once we die, possibly it is at least comforting come think the our awareness floats on together our bodies expire.

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