As a waitress myself, ns absolutely can’t was standing it when customers stack their plates in an effort to “help out.” It’s mostly annoying since a) developing a giant vertical stack of bowl is not how I would ever before bus a table and also b) that looks horrible and also impatient that you.

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When dining with non-servers, my tablemates always shot to relocate plates around when they’re done eating and I always tell them to leave the shit alone, and also don’t dare speak to someone over to clean that up. What do other servers think? execute you appreciate the aid or would you quite clear a table in ~ your own pace and also in your very own way?

Best,A plate in the Hand is worth two on the Table

Dear key in the Hand,

I took a lengthy drag on mine Camel crush while analysis your question. That feels great to have a other server just acquire it, right? Solidarity and also all that.


A pair things here: First, you’re damn right. I hate when tables shot to ridge their own plates and silverware, which never ever ends increase in a means that I deserve to actually choose up and move to the bins or kitchen. Why room there always forks hidden in between the bowl layers prefer a greasy Jenga disaster? i wish they just wouldn’t try. The is literally my project to come acquire your plates, so just let me execute it.

Some kitchens I’ve functioned in have particular systems because that dirty plates and also silverware. So as soon as I need to separate the forks from the glass bowls from the ceramic plates, a customer’s shitty stacking task doesn’t assist me in ~ all. And if lock wedge their napkins and file and rubbish all in there, that provides for extra work, too.

Worst the all, the plate tower makes it look like I’m no doing mine job. Stacked plates scream “Hey, a little help over here!” when I understand for a truth that table was still nibbling your fries until 4 seconds ago. Ns screwed one of two people way: when I try to clear plates prior to they’re through, I obtain the I’m-not-done-yet death glare, and half a minute later, they’ve stacked the totality tower. Give me a chance, huh?

I know, castle trying to help. However please folks, simply leave your plates wherein they space until ns clear them. If you want to allow me understand you’re done, angle your fork and knife in towards the facility of the plate like so, which I recognize is old-fashioned yet hey, it still works. I promise I’ll acquire to you quickly—I understand you’re dice to bespeak pie for dessert.

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