Casinos have much more slot machines than every one of the other gamings combined. However unlike numerous casino games, the slot still have actually some secrets.

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Here’s a perform of 15 slot machine secrets the casinos don’t want you to understand about.

1. Slot placement no random

Although casinos would favor you come think that every little thing on the floor is put in a fully random way for ease of accessibility and aesthetics, this certainly isn’t the case.

Every square foot of the casino is analyzed, measured, and reported on by the casino gaming department. Website traffic patterns space monitored and value is inserted on details areas of the casino to determine which slot or gamings to place in the area.

Usually, the highest possible yield slots are inserted in the most renowned locations in the casino. On peak of this, the most well-known slots are also placed in these areas to lure players into the casino come play.

So now you understand that those slots that are many prominent and also visible room the ones that make the many money because that the casino, which way they’re additionally the most disadvantageous because that the player. Head in the direction of the earlier of the casino following time you desire to pat slot devices to find a much better value.

2. Part slots pay out an ext than others

Not all slot devices are produced equal, and this way they all don’t pay the end at the same rate.

Generally speaking, video slots pay out much less than standard reel slots. This is due to the fact that reel slots room cheaper come run and maintain, and aren’t together appealing come the player together the video clip slot.

Video slots are currently extravagant and have pop-culture themes, i m sorry attracts more players. Because of this, the casinos can dial down the payout rate.

Alternatively, the standard slots aren’t as popular or appealing anymore so the casinos will dial up the payout rate to attract more players, and also subsequently store you at the slot longer. I imply you do a little of browsing on the internet around slot payout prices as this info is commonly available, an especially for well-known gaming locations.

3. The slots club no exist to reward you

This is one of the best cons in the gambling industry. Girlfriend know how the casinos encourage themselves together giving ago to the player and profitable you for her play? This is all a lie.

Now, I’m no saying girlfriend won’t obtain some totally free play credits, accessibility to promotions, and also other comps for being a component of the slot or player’s club, however this isn’t why it exists. It exists to carry out the casino marketing department through player data so that they have the right to attract and retain you together a customer.

Yes, that’s right, all the cost-free money and comps you acquire out that the casino are from the marketing department. They will certainly analyze her play, movement, likes, dislikes, and betting patterns to recognize how best to industry themselves come you so the you return.

The slot club is a powerful marketing tool, and while it’s always a good idea to join and use your card whenever friend play, don’t fool yourself right into thinking the this is every done come reward you.

4. You can’t victory at slots in the lengthy run

People perform win at slots all the time. They have huge wins and little wins; the problem is that on a long enough timeline it’s impossible come win.

Slots are manufactured and also programmed in a way to ensure the they just pay earlier a certain percentage that the money that’s put into lock by players. Usually, this is in the selection of 70-90% however it have the right to be far worse or much better depending on whereby you’re playing.

No one would ever before play if girlfriend didn’t success from time to time, therefore this is likewise built right into the machines. Part casinos don’t want you to know this and also in some us states, castle don’t even have to tell friend what the payout rate is. Fortunately, over there are plenty of states that do provide it to players, and also I highly recommend taking advantage of the information.

Although it’s pretty typical these days for players to know that you can’t win in the long run, part still don’t know, and those that space oblivious to this fact are loved by casinos.

5. Max betting is the best option

This one may seem counter-intuitive yet it’s true. On many slots, max betting activates every the bonuses and jackpots and also increases your odds of getting lucky and also winning, which renders it the finest option because that players.

Although that doesn’t do too lot of a difference, it still creates more favorable conditions for the player. The casinos don’t desire you to recognize this because they desire you come bet little and much more often at a worse payout rate, which makes them more money in the lengthy run.

One thing you absolutely don’t desire to do though is max-bet over your bankroll and burn through much more money 보다 you plan to. Playing much more than you can afford to lose is playing right into the casino’s hands. If you can’t afford the max gambling on a slot climate drop under in denominations or relocate to a an equipment where the max bet is smaller and also works within her bankroll.

6. Class 2 slot aren’t really slot at all

Sometimes you’ll come throughout slot machines that space classified as class 2 slots. These are usually discovered on native Indian bookings or racinos in the unified States.

These aren’t classic slots choose what girlfriend would uncover in las Vegas. Vegas slot are course 3 slots and also are appropriate slot an equipment games.

Class 2 slots space actually pre-programmed bingo gamings which present a slot challenge for entertainment purposes. Class 3 slots are usually illegal in the jurisdictions that have these slot bingo games, so game manufacturers and casinos combined their forces to come up v this alternative.

Sometimes you’ll see a small bingo map on the bottom corner of the display screen which will straight away call you that this is a class 2 slot machine. So, it is in warned, these devices are not slots in ~ all and you’ll be effectively playing computer bingo once you start spinning top top these.

7. Video slots salary out less than classic slots

Big fancy video slots will nearly always salary out less than classic reel slots. This is because of the reality they’re much more entertaining, draw much more players and action, and cost the casinos a lot an ext to run and also maintain.

These big machines regularly take up 2 to 3 times the lot of an are compared to classic slots and also tend to expense the casinos a lot more to keep them running. In order to maximize profits, the casinos will certainly then dial down the payout rate on these makers so they tho make sufficient money ~ above them.

Immersive video clip slots are a substantial moneymaker because that the casino, for this reason don’t walk in reasoning you have the same chance of win on these contrasted to classic old institution slots. If you’re looking for much better chances to win on slot machines, climate stick to the standard slots.

8. Slots are totally random

Casinos don’t want you to understand this, yet slot makers are fully random in nature. Return they are weighted to pay out at a particular rate, this is quiet in line v the randomness of results that a slot will certainly produce.

Each rotate is totally independent the the ahead spin. Together an example, if you to be to victory the jackpot on one spin, climate the likelihood of to win the jackpot ~ above the next spin is specifically the same. No vault events influence future events. This isn’t how they work.

Casinos don’t desire you to understand this because they desire you to think slots room “hot” or “cold”, since that will certainly cloud your referee in respect to how much friend play and gamble. This works out better for castle in the long run for this reason they are happy because that these myths come grow and spread.

9. Every one of your beat is tracked

From the moment you sit under at a slot and also enter her player card and cash, every motion you do is tracked instantly by the casino. Slot makers are now networked and also have advanced hardware and also software come track whatever you do.

This information is collected, analyzed, and insight reports are developed and also delivered come the casino marketing room so they deserve to work out the best possible way to sector their casino and slots to you so the you keep coming ago and pat more. If you don’t want your pat tracked then merely don’t use your player’s card, however then you won’t get any casino comps.

In the near future, if it’s no being supplied already, casino marketing department will begin using security infrastructure to monitor and track her play irrespective of even if it is you usage your map or not. Facial recognition programs will certainly detect you, associate you v a player’s card or produce a brand-new player account and track every little thing you carry out on a video clip feed.

This is a little scary and also it mirrors the lengths casinos will go to. If friend play online, every little thing is tracked under your player account, therefore it’s much easier for online casinos to monitor what you perform in this respect.

10. Payout ticket are much more likely to be put earlier into a machine

Over the previous 20 years, casinos have progressively phased out cash payouts in ~ slots. This days you’ll likely receive a ticket as soon as you cash out, which you then have to take come a cash-out an equipment or the cage come exchange because that cash.

While the casinos will insurance claim this is for her convenience, among the main reasons they’ve do this adjust is come disassociate girlfriend from the truth you’re holding money. This is similar to what they do with chips on table games.

Psychological studies have actually proven that civilization are far much more likely to gamble more with a ticket or chips, together opposed to cash. So don’t be fooled right into placing her ticket into another slot top top the method to cashing out, they’ve done this ~ above purpose. I’d recommend that you constantly cash the tickets out for cash every time, rather of maintaining it because that play later.

11. Slot arms don’t exist as much anymore since they sluggish down play

Back in the day, pretty lot every slot an equipment had one arm, or lever, that you pull to activate the spin. This days it’s lot harder to uncover machines that have actually these.

While there are a couple of reasons for this, the main reason and the one the casinos don’t want you to know is because using a lever is lot slower when contrasted to pressing a button. Casinos desire you come be play as easily as possible when it concerns slots due to the fact that the an ext you spin the an ext the odds move in your favor.

So by having buttons instead of levers the game moves a lot of faster. Some may even say they’ve gotten rid of the lever so civilization don’t describe slot devices as one-armed bandits anymore, however that may just be hearsay.

12. Gamings are designed to be play as rapid as possible

As us touched on in the vault secret, casinos desire you to play whatever game she on as quickly as possible. While among the key measurements top top a slot is the time spent playing, they likewise want you to play as easily as possible.

This boosts the yield on the maker for the casino, meaning they make an ext money. Take into consideration this, if you have actually a financial institution of widely famous slots i beg your pardon many human being want to play, and it takes 20 secs per spin, that’s quite a lot of time.

If a rotate takes 5 seconds then you’re getting 4 times the amount of beat on that device which results in much much more money pass through. So, all the moment the casinos are trying to think of ways to make gamings happen lot faster. Castle don’t want you play slowly, for this reason make sure you take her time next time you sit under at a slot. After ~ all, the more time friend play the more entertainment value you get.

13. Slot sounds and graphics room designed to do you feeling happy

One point that casinos definitely don’t desire you to know around is the truth that slot device manufacturers have actually teams of psychologists and researchers that administer advice ~ above what sounds, colors, movements and also graphics to usage in games in bespeak to do the player feel as happy as possible.

This is both an excellent and bad. Firstly, it’s great if you’re playing for entertainment’s sake and know your limits when it comes to how much money you’re willing to play with. If this is the instance then why no play a game that’s design to make you feel happy.

Secondly, it’s negative when it pertains to problem gamblers that don’t know when to stop and also are chasing that happy emotion that the gamings give them. For this reason this is a two-way street; that’s for sure. Casinos most likely don’t want you to know this since it no a good look.

14. Occasionally a victory isn’t a win

One recent trend on slots is to play a jingle and also show an animation showing that a player has had actually a win; this supplied to be a great thing and also it expected you to be making a profit, yet not so much these days.

Much come the ire that lawmakers and the regulators, slot makers now play this jingle and imply a win, also when the spin outcomes in much less money won than you in reality wagered on the spin in the first place. So this is basically a loss and also it’s trying come trick the player into thinking that they won.

Regulators space trying to have actually this outlawed however it will certainly take part time. So, next time you’re play don’t be fooled by the animation and sounds and also the on-screen advice that states you’ve had actually a win. Make sure you check how much you ‘won’ when contrasted to how much girlfriend bet, prior to you celebrate.

15. Major progressive jackpots space played throughout multiple venues

Have you ever walked previous a steady jackpot slot an equipment and stared in awe in ~ the vast jackpot i m sorry is currently accessible and is running into the millions of dollars?

If so, then you may not be mindful that this slots are actually connected nationwide and also the jackpot is played throughout thousands and also thousands of machines and also the casinos actually have no component in this prize.

Casinos don’t desire you to recognize this the course; they desire you to think that it’s simply that machine so that you sit down and also play and also spin away reasoning that she the only human who might possibly victory that prize at the time.

These significant progressive jackpot machines actually take it a small cut from every bet girlfriend make and also divert it to the major jackpot. So you need to never beat on among these unless your ultimate score is to victory the life-changing money, and also there’s absolutely nothing wrong v that.


Casinos space designed to do money simply like any business. The slot machines are a huge piece the the profit puzzle so the casinos do everything they deserve to to make them much more profitable.

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Now that you understand these 15 slot maker secrets the casinos don’t desire you to know you have the right to gamble as an notified player. If girlfriend love slots there’s no factor to avoid playing, but you should understand these secrets prior to you pat again.