The UFC champion’s belt is one of the many recognizable pieces of hardware in martial arts and also sports in general. The timeless UFC belt to be made of gold-plated metal, but nowadays, the belt has actually been upgraded and even is composed of precious stones that only add up v title defenses. Naturally, many fans wonder exactly how much is a real UFC belt worth?

A real UFC championship belt is worth around $330,000. Its worth rises relying on the number of title defenses the champion has (precious stones are added for each defense) and also who the champion is. Because that instance, Israel Adesanya’s belt would be worth more than Petr Yan’s.

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The UFC additionally sells luxurious replicas for roughly $1000, yet the genuine belts room worth a totality lot more. Keep analysis to discover everything about how much the belts are worth, who making them, how h lock weigh, and also more.

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exactly how Much walk the UFC Belt Cost?
Who provides the UFC Belt?
perform UFC Fighters save Their Belts?
exactly how Much go the UFC Belt Weigh?
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how Much Is the BMF Belt Worth?

How lot Does the UFC Belt Cost?

It’s hard to determine exactly how much a UFC belt prices if you want the real belt from a UFC champion. You have the right to buy a luxury replica for around $1000, but real belts just come at special auctions if the (former) champion is willing to market it.


Approximately every belt is worth approximately $330 000. The belts key on the new UFC heritage belt space made out of hard gold. The belt itself is made out of leather, however each belt has approximately two pounds that precious metal on them, therefore the price goes up quite quickly.

Although the materials themselves space worth a lot of money, the story behind the belt it s okay the price way up. If it’s an original belt that has actually never been handed come a champion, the price will certainly be a lot smaller sized than a belt once hosted by a actual UFC champ.

Also, the exact same belt deserve to sell for various prices depending on who the buyer is and also where it’s sold. If you get it in ~ the ideal auction with the right buyers, the can walk even higher than the $330k approximation.

Finally, when the new UFC legacy belt concerned light, the UFC stated in a news release that the belt is worth at the very least three times much more than the old belts. So, if you want the genuine deal, you’ll need to cash out large time.

Who renders the UFC Belt?

Before the UFC tradition belt rolling out, the typical gold-plated UFC championship belt to be designed and made by Dave Millican Belts. The new design provided today got a new start, though.

The UFC combination the design and manufacturing process themselves. Brad Flaherty is the designer the the UFC tradition belt, when Jae El manufacturing is the company responsible for making the belts.

The new design attributes a more individualistic look, meaning each champion has actually a unique, personalized belt, with his aboriginal country’s flag, priceless stones highlighting the location defenses (instead of acquiring a new belt because that each defense), etc.

Do UFC Fighters keep Their Belts?

Every UFC champion it s okay to store their belt ~ winning a title. That is just how Demetrious Johnson has actually that famed photo v his twelve belts (11 location defenses add to the early win).

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However, because the new UFC heritage belt has been introduced, the champion don’t obtain a brand-new belt for every title defense anymore. Instead, the belt they currently have gets upgraded, including a precious stone to one of the key on the belt, symbolizing the title defense.