Where and how carry out truck drivers pee? Truck chauffeurs pee in two places: at a rest/truck avoid or in your trucks. Once peeing in ~ a rest/truck avoid they use the restroom similar to everyone else. When a restroom is not accessible to castle truck drivers pee in your trucks utilizing a vast mouth plastic bottle or milk jug, portable toilets, commercial urinal bags or bottles, and even plastic bags.

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You might be wondering why a truck driver simply doesn’t stop at a truck prevent or restaurant once they should use the restroom? 3 Reasons:

One of the main reasons is a truck protect against or remainder area is often numerous miles away, and also the driver no think they have the right to hold ~ above to do it there. Another factor is due to the fact that there isn’t truck parking at plenty of fast food restaurants or stores.The 3rd reason is because they don’t have the time to just stop.

A truck driver is top top a tight schedule, and once your time clock starts, they simply can’t stop to use the restroom. The driver’s main issue is making money and being top top time to supply or pick up your load.

Many times, they simply don’t have actually the extra time to stop to use the restroom, i m sorry is why they need to use other options, prefer the persons below.

These are the places and also ways truckers pee:

•Truck/rest stop• Portable Toilets• Plastic party (wide mouth)• Milk Jugs• Plastic Bags• advertisement Urinal Bags/Bottles

Peeing at a truck Stop

Most truck drivers pee at a truck avoid or at rest areas.

The driver will normally use the restroom in ~ the truck prevent while they are obtaining their fuel.

If there is a rest protect against with truck parking, a driver can stop there.

One thing that most human being don’t think about with truck motorists is they are driving a semi-truck through a trailer attached come it.

When a driver demands to go pee, castle can’t simply pull over at any type of fast food restaurant, a gas station, or grocery store, since there is no truck parking, which pipeline very little options for a van driver.

Many van stops market truck motorists with perks, and also one that the most well-known one is every driver the is fueling their truck will acquire a free shower.

This is a an excellent perk because that a van driver. The driver can take their 10 hrs off in ~ the truck stop, fuel up your truck, then take a shower, and also use the personal bathroom that comes v the cost-free shower.

When a driver is an over-the-road driver a private bathroom is the closest point to gift at home.

If you room a driver and also you are avoiding at the truck stop for the night, but you won’t be fueling her truck you have to make certain that if girlfriend pee in a bottle make certain you dispose of that in the trash.

Many vehicle drivers will simply throw the bottles under the truck when they space leaving.

That pipeline a huge mess for the next driver and also the truck stop.

This also applies come if you have actually used a plastic bag.

Using Portable commodes (they are a life saver)

A portable toilet is another means that a trucker have the right to pee and use the restroom once there room no various other options.

Having a portable toilet is practically for a driver that is fifty or much more miles from a truck prevent or remainder area.

The portable toilet is compact, they room sealed so unwanted odors nothing come out in the cab, and they are an extremely durable.

Make certain you get a an excellent one prefer this one that i wrote around recently, that keeps the odor in and is perfectly sized because that a truck.

One the the benefits to having a portable toilet in the van is convenience.

If you should go to the restroom and you can not reach one for numerous miles, climate you can pull end on a ramp and also go or if the weather is bad and also you wake up up throughout the night and you need to go, then you have the right to do so there is no leaving the truck.

There are benefits and also drawbacks with portable toilets.Portable toilet Benefits• very convenient• Clean and sanitized• Private• AffordablePortable toilet Drawbacks• difficult to keep clean if girlfriend don’t understand what you space doing• Smelly if you don’t get a an excellent one• part doesn’t flush an extremely well

Portable commodes are right for motorists when there room no various other options, yet most of the portable toilets are hard to keep clean if girlfriend don’t understand what you room doing.

If you space contemplating getting a portable toilet climate you no doubt room worried around how to keep it odor free. Well, in this article I freshly wrote I explain how to perform that.

If you space an over-the-road driver, you may want come invest in a portable toilet for those times when you simply need to go.

Plastic party (wide mouth)

Gatorade bottles are the bottle of selection for truck drivers to pee in but any bottle through a wide mouth will do. Other common plastic bottles encompass juice bottles and milk jugs.

Why a Gatorade bottle? A Gatorade bottle has a broader opening and the bottle can hold up to twenty liquid ounces.

Everyone is different, however normally an individual can urinate from 4 to sixteen liquid ounces every time they pee.

The vast mouth plastic bottle renders it less complicated for a trucker come pee into.

The driver sits or was standing in the cab that the truck and also pee, climate they need to dispose the bottle.

A soda party is generally twelve liquid ounces and the opened is much smaller contrasted to a wide mouth bottle prefer Gatorade, which is why truck drivers choose the Gatorade bottle when they should pee and can’t get to a restroom, and many vehicle drivers just throws the pee filled bottle out the window when they room done.

This is ending up being a problem for many truck stops, rest areas, and the highways.

The plastic party that is complete of to pee is additionally known as a trucker bomb.

Truck drivers attend to extreme quantities of stress and anxiety with your job.

Most motorists are payment by the mile and also not through the hour.

To do a life some chauffeurs have to perform what they have to just to keep that van rolling to do money, which boils under that they simply don’t have the time to prevent somewhere to pee.

One ar in Washington state chose to counting how many ‘trucker bombs’ were accumulated in a year. (Source)

The accumulated nearly 2,700 trucker bombs along with practically 70 feces bags.

California had actually to hire a rubbish contractor to collect trucker bombs.

Washington has actually now put forth a legislation for truckers. If a trucker is found throwing a trucker bomb top top the highway, they are fined $1,025.

Wyoming is additionally ticketing motorists $1,000 along with nine month in jail.

Many various other states have made decision to join in through ticketing chauffeurs in really hopes that drivers will stop littering the highways with trucker bombs.

Plastic Bags (make sure it doesn’t leak)

Plastic bags space being offered by truck vehicle drivers when they have to defecate or pee.

This is usually supplied only as soon as the driver has actually no various other options.

The plastic bags are also known together “Flying Toilet” with truck drivers.

The driver needs to use the plastic bag, then they tie the shut, and they space often uncovered along the highways, truck avoid parking lots, and rest areas.

It’s troubling for most is why no the driver litter them in a garbage have the right to as quickly as they have the right to instead of throwing them out their window?

Commercial devices Made for Urinating if Driving (bags and also bottles)

There space now devices made for urinating while driving because that male and also female van drivers.

Having one of these tools will make peeing in one emergency much easier.

Male Urinal Bag: The masculine urinal bag have the right to hole approximately 16 ounces the fluids. The urinal bag is leak resistant and has a at sight absorbent pad.

Once you space finished, then the bag can be sealed so there are no odors. The price is about eighteen dollars, i m sorry is very affordable.

below is a link to one ~ above Amazon, it has super absorbent stuff inside the bag that will certainly absorb the urine.

Urinal universal Pee Bottle through Female Adapter: This universal pee bottle can be provided by men and women.

The bottle is do with resilient plastic, and the manage is easy to host onto.

The bottle can hold up to 2,000 ML and also it is leak-free. This bottle is reusable.

All truck motorists need to try to it is in sanitary once they need to pee in their truck.

Truck chauffeurs should store hand sanitizer, infant wipes, record towels, and bottled water in their truck for this reason you deserve to clean you yourself up once you room done.

Is the Illegal come Pee In A Bottle?

It is not illegal come pee in a bottle, but many claims are starting to good truck motorists who throw the urine bottles out their windows and litter the highways.

Washington state, Oregon, and also Utah are just a pair states that are fining numerous dollars along with jail time for any type of driver cram pee bottles on the highways.

Is it Illegal to litter Away to pee in the Garbage?

It is no illegal to throw pee in the garbage.

Actually, plenty of states and truck stops encourage it, because they are trying to prevent the hundreds of pee party from littering the roads and parking lots roughly the country.

It is understandable that there are numerous times the a van driver can’t stop to pee, which leaves them through no various other choice, but to pee in a bottle.

They have the right to dispose of that bottle legally in the garbage.

Truck drivers pee at countless places and also using many ways.

Of course, a driver would prefer to usage an yes, really restroom come pee, yet with a demanding schedule, and most motorists get payment by the mile, they have to keep the van rolling to make money.

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Truck bombs are among the most popular ways that chauffeurs pee, however many chauffeurs are not getting rid of of the truck bombs properly, which is bring about a problem across the country.