In an main press release, Polaris markets announced on January 9, 2017 that it “will automatically begin winding under its win Motorcycles brand and related operations.”

Polaris is the Minneapolis-based parent agency of success Motorcycles and also Indian Motorcycle, along with Polaris brand side-by-side all-terrain off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, Slingshot three-wheeled on-road vehicles and several parts, garments and accessories brands.

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The first production victory motorcycle, a V92C, rolled turn off the manufacturing line in heart Lake, Iowa ~ above July 4, 1998. Positioned together an American-made cruiser brand to administer an different to industry leader Harley-Davidson, success scored part success v the motorcycle pressand constructed a loyal complying with of owners. The success Motorcycle Club, one owner’s group, boasts over 100 chapters and an ext than 22,500 members. A 2015 inspection by consumer Reports rated victory as the motorcycle brand through the greatest owner satisfaction, besting Harley-Davidson. Eighty percent of success owners responded that they “would absolutely buy again,” matches 72 percent of Harley-Davidson owners. Partnerships v motorcycle developers like Arlen Ness, Corey Ness and also Roland Sands led to architecture enhancements and also increasingly attractive vehicles, while constant engineering occurred improved performance and reliability.

Victory’s last lineup the motorcycles contained 12 models extending the cruiser, touring, bagger and electric classes: Octane; las vegas 8-Ball; High-Ball; Gunner; Vegas; Hammer S; Vision; Cross nation Tour; cross Country; Magnum; Magnum X-1; and Empulse.

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Polaris will continue to supply components to assistance Victory motorcycles for 10 years, and also the company “will help dealers in liquidating existing inventories.”

The move to shutter success comes in ~ a time as soon as Indian Motorcycle is top top a huge upswing in visibility and product cadence. In just three years due to the fact that Polaris introduced the first original Indian motorcycle under the aegis, the Indian lineup has actually grown to ripe models for 2017, with more variants promised later on this year. Critical year, an effort was do to differentiate the Victory and also Indian brands because that consumers. Indian would be the heritage cruiser line; while win would shift to a power cruiser, “American Muscle” identity. Evidently, the difference was not enough to save Victory in the bigger Polaris ecosystem. “This decision will boost the profitability of Polaris and also our an international motorcycle business, and will materially enhance our competitive view in the industry,” stated Scott Wine, Polaris markets Chairman and CEO. “This was an incredibly complicated decision for me, mine team and the Polaris plank of Directors.”

Steve Menetto, president of victory Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycle, was not quoted or discussed in Polaris’s press release. As soon as asked around the future the Polaris’s motorcycle business, Reid Wilson, a Polaris marketing executive and current manager of Marketing because that Indian Motorcycles said, “We room committed come winning at motorcycles. Not just contending – winning.”


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