Sierra Mist is around the leave the mountains behind. ThePepsiCo-owned brand is removing words Sierra native its name together itbecomes "Mist Twst" as component of a major branding overhaul the willput more emphasis ~ above taste.

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"We room working to to mark the lemon-lime credentials of theproduct and also looking toward a feather launch that Mist Twist, in ~ thispoint," a PepsiCo spokeswoman shown in an email.

The readjust is the latest makeover for the lemon-lime-flavoredsoda brand, which has actually undergone many overhauls since launchingin 2000. The last huge update come in late 2014, as soon as the brandchanged its look at as part of a formula adjust that involved addingstevia, i m sorry was an unified with sugar bring about a 20% caloriereduction because that an 8-ounce serving.

The PepsiCo spokeswoman decreased to say if the latest overhaulwill include one more formula change. When Sierra Mist plugged the2014 change on its Facebook page last year, it to be met through asmattering of consumer complaints. One person declared that "the oldrecipe to be a nice crisp taste, new one has a dietaftertaste," ad Age reported last year.

Sierra Mist volume dropped 3.7% in 2014, following a 11.6% drop in2013, follow to Beverage-Digest. As of 2014, Sierra Mist ranked13th among all soda brands, falling native 12th in 2013, follow tothe publication. Coke-owned Sprite, through contrast, thrived volume through 1%last year, and ranks sixth amongst sodas, follow toBeverage-Digest.

PepsiCo executives questioned a turnaround setup for Sierra Mistat a fall meeting v bottlers, follow to a Beverage-Digestreport indigenous October. "The brand is being reworked to to mark itslemon-lime credentials and also taste, rather than a health and wellness message,"the publication reported, citing sources, noting the theturnaround "will include brand-new flavors in 2016 and also 2017."

By concentrating on taste, the newly called Mist Twst can befollowing a playbook comparable to Sprite, i beg your pardon has uncovered successtargeting young, urban consumers. Sprite hosted a nationwide BasketballAssociation sponsorship until PepsiCo took end the NBA deal fromCoke in July. Picture of the new Mist Twst noted to advertisement Age byPepsiCo (above) mirrors an NBA logo design on the side of the label. Thatsuggests the brand can become component of the marketer"s NBA plans,joining Mtn Dew, which has actually been a lead NBA brand for PepsiCo sincethe transaction began.

"Competing versus Sprite is very challenging and they"vestruggled in figuring out ways to execute it and this is a brand-new approachthat could resonate," Beverage-Digest Editor Duane Stanford stated inan interview Thursday.

Sierra Mist"s previous rebranding efforts have run the gamut.One that the brand"s more quickly looks had a mountain range in thebackground, while an additional design showed the native mist in a foggyhaze. The 2014 overhaul had font changes such together the "M" inMist looking favor two triangle colliding.

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Roughly five years ago the brand renamed chin "Sierra MistNatural" when it replaced high-fructose corn syrup with sugar. Thenin 2013, the brand went back to the two-word Sierra Mist moniker,removing "natural." That readjust was make "due come the absence ofdetailed regulatory guidance on the use of the hatchet ," aPepsiCo spokeswoman told ad Age critical year.