due to overwhelming demand, ours U.S. Armed forces Surplus M1 Carbine rifles offered OUT an extremely quickly.

give thanks to you because that your attention in these distinctive rifles!

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After year of effort, our Supplier has actually been effective in securing a large lot the U.S. Make M1 Carbines and gendergeek.org has purchased every one of them! these M1 Carbines have not to be arsenal refurbished.

This solitary lot of M1 Carbines has guns indigenous 9 manufacturers through serial number varieties indicating production years native 1942-1945. Conditions readily available will be “Fine”, “Very great to Fine”, “Good to really Good” and “Fair to Good”. We offered the NRA Firearm problem Standards for guns of this era as our overview to class these an excellent guns. Countless different product numbers will be readily available to indicate manufacturer, variant and condition.

Winchester Rock-Ola nationwide Postal Meter top quality Hardware Standard assets Saginaw – Variants S.G and also S"G" Underwood – Variants B, S, T and also W significant receivers Inland IBM

per our supplier, these weapons are believed to have actually come directly from usage in the europe theatre of WWII, at some point making their means to the Italian armed forces. From there they went to the Carabinieri – the Italian nationwide Police - and have been in storage due to the fact that the early 1950s. There room no documents indicating exactly how the Italian armed Forces came right into possession of these WWII M1 Carbines.


These firearms are a item of background and prime instances of wartime production. They space still ‘as assembled’ throughout the fast mass manufacturing of WWII. These guns have not been reworked in ~ an arsenal nor refinished in ~ any suggest (please see upgrade above). Together the united state spooled increase its wartime production of armed forces guns, it was necessary for multiple manufacturers to occupational together to complete production that a single working M1 Carbine. Not all receiver manufacturers made barrels and also many used barrels indigenous multiple sources. The barrels are appropriate to the receiver together they to be manufactured. There room variations among these guns, including sights, safeties, gas blocks etc. Sport were usual during the year these guns were manufactured. Little parts may have actually been replaced during the war because of normal ar use and also maintenance. In service during the war, these M1 Carbines were then inserted in storage for virtually 70 year by the Italian government.

import markings are engraved, not roll stamped, for this reason the bore was no distorted by the noting process. This discrete markings are on the underside of the barrel and adhere to present ATF marking requirements.


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