The long-serving minivan goes out of production in May, and also Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is remove 1500 jobs at the manufacturing facility in Windsor, Ontario.

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Minivans have actually steadily declined in popular as consumer preferences have shifted come SUVs.

We’ve recognized for a while the the Chrysler Voyager would replace the Dodge cool Caravan, yet until now, it to be unclear when that would certainly happen. Yesterday, the Italian-American automaker announced the it is ending production of its iconic human being mover by the finish of May and cutting 1500 jobs at the manufacturing facility where that is developed in Windsor, Ontario. The Chrysler Pacifica will proceed in manufacturing there.

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About a month after the evade minivan end production, June 29, 1500 employees will be out of their jobs at the Ontario factory where it has been built. This year marks the 35th year of manufacturing for the Caravan, which obtained its start in 1985. The cool Caravan is FCA"s best-selling minivan, selling an ext than 122,000 models in the U.S. In 2019; sales peaked in 1996 at simply over 300,000.

"Now we will ensure that our members get the support that they need in this procedure as we continue to fight choose hell for brand-new product because that Windsor Assembly to acquire everyone ago to occupational that will certainly be impacted by the transition elimination," check out a post on the Facebook web page of neighborhood 444 Unifor, the labor union that represents the employees in the Windsor plant.

This convey cements Chrysler"s status as together the FCA people-mover brand, while Dodge focuses on gift the muscle-car brand v its recognizable name such together the Challenger and also Charger.

Minivan sales have been steadily falling as SUVs continue their surging in popularity. Native 2018 come 2019, sales dropped 15 percent, consisting of only 2.4 percent of new-vehicle sales critical year. In 2000, the minivan"s industry share was 7.2 percent.

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"This decision comes together the agency works to align volumes through demand," follow to one FCA statement. "The agency will do every effort to ar indefinitely laid-off hourly employees in open full time positions as they become obtainable based on seniority and will offer retirement packages come eligible employees."

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