Curved TVs claim to add a more immersive IMAX-like suffer to your living room — but do they really live up to the hype? despite there"s a many conversation around them concerning whether or no there are any kind of benefits of a bent screen and also how they to compare to their flat counterparts, most world would agree the they"re cool and also futuristic-looking. If girlfriend really want a curved TV, Samsung is the only major manufacturer still proactively making them.

We did some extensive research to determine which ones room still obtainable for purchase and are precious buying. Examine out our result below!


The curved display screen panel of every Samsung Q7CN 4K TV functions quantum dots for colorful colors and also impressive contrast, and it"s a an excellent TV because that gamers due to the fact that of its superb motion handling.

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The Q7CN operation Samsung"s clever Hub platform, which uses a rich collection of apps, consisting of the most famous video- and audio-streaming services. A sleek far control and invisible link cable ring up the Q7CN series" crucial features. This TV come in 55- and 65-inch variants. However, the is a 2018 version — therefore it"s obtaining harder come come by.

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Samsung"s RU7300 collection proves that there"s no must wreck your bank account to very own a bent 4K TV. The RU7300 has great picture quality, UHD upscaling, and accessibility to renowned streaming solutions such together Netflix, Amazon Prime, and also Hulu, amongst others.

RTINGS stated after testingthe TV that it "delivers decent snapshot quality through deep, uniform blacks and great gradient performance," but wished it had offered an ext advanced gaming features, a brighter picture, and far better motion handling. Regardless, the RU7300 is the cheapest ticket that entry to owning a 4K bent TV.


If girlfriend can"t afford among Samsung"s top-tier curved TVs, the RCA RTC3280is the next best thing. The still offers a broad viewing angle andenergy-efficient LED an innovation that it is provided decent photo quality.

It"s worth discussing that this TV only offers a 720p resolution.In case you"re unfamiliar, aa720p television has 1,280 columns and 720 rows the pixels. A 4K television, on the other hand, has3,840 columns and also 2,160 rows of pixels — an interpretation you"ll gain a much much more detailed photo with a 4K design over this one.

If you"re on a budget and want a small curved TV for a bedroom or kitchen, this one will gain job done. It even has a built-in digital tuner for watching over-the-air digital broadcasts in HD.

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