Now, they could not it is in everyone’s cup the tea, however, there’s no denying they were a massive thing ago in the so late ’90s and also early 2000s.

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And now, several of the rarest ones are worth an pure fortune!

Take a look in ~ our list of the 20 most expensive beanie babies in the world.

The 20 many Expensive Beanie Babies In the World

The list of beanie babies and also figures mentioned listed below have been compiled from various sources roughly the web, such as Money Inc, mental Floss & The Richest.

These are the 20 most expensive beanie babies in the world:

20. Humphrey the Camel – $1,200


Created in 1993, Humphrey the Camel is just one of the 9 original beanie babies.

Since his debut, there have been many iterations the Humphrey, some an ext popular than others.

Generally, the price arrays greatly, and also the rarest will market for anywhere in between $500 – $1,200.

Humphrey was discontinued in 1998, for this reason if friend do have one laying around, then dust the off and get him online, as he’s precious a great amount the money!

19. Employee the be affected by each other – $3,000


Ty, Inc introduced Employee in 1995, Employee the be afflicted with was provided to the providers sales representatives together a token gesture.

There were just 300 bear produced and roughly half the bears wear a green ribbon and also the other half wear red.

It’s distinctive glowing violet colour and magenta threading give this be afflicted with a unique and also desirable quality.

All the bear’s tags are sown in and also it does not have any type of hanging tush tags at all.

18. Nana the Monkey – $4,000


Next up we have Nana the Monkey.

This beanie infant was exit in 1995 and also soon entered retirement, i beg your pardon was as result of a name change and re-release come – “Bongo the Monkey”.

The initial version deserve to be established by seeing if “Nana” is published on the tush tag and also it won’t come v a poem.

So, usage this together a reference and see what one girlfriend have!

17. Peace the be afflicted with – $5,000


Peace the bear was presented in 1997 and also was taken turn off the market just 3 years later.

It to be handed out as a promotion during a baseball game between the Oakland A’s/Boston Red Sox.

You deserve to tell which bear are initial as no two tie-dye colour are specifically the same and they generally come with a tranquility symbol embroidered on your chest.

However, if you regulate to discover one there is no a tranquility symbol top top the chest, then grab it, together it’s incredibly rare!!

16. Snort the Red Bull – $6,500


So, they determined to adjust its surname to “Snort the Red Bull” to avoid any kind of penalties.

It looks quite much similar to the original Tabasco version and also its worth simply as much.

You can discover one the these for sale on many online auction homes for approximately the above-mentioned price, return you can get lucky and also find one even better deal!

15. Gobbles the Turkey – $6,750


Like a fair few beanie babies the were made in 1997, Gobbles the turkey come in a few different variations.

He either came through a double or single-layer feel waddle, and also histail feathers were attached at various heights.

This is just one of those beanie babies that might be worth a fortune or can be worth the continual price.

It all really depends on which one friend have. If you have one with the suitable placement and tag errors, you’re on to a winner!

14. Peanut the Elephant – $7,000


If you manage to get your hands on the ideal colour, this beanie baby can be precious as lot as $7,000!

It was developed in 1995 and also is now considered to be among the rarest beanie babies in the world.

Peanut was developed in dark imperial blue, a irradiate powder blue and also purple and grey.

Have among the initial dark blue versions, which was actually an accident in the dye, and also you’re sit pretty!

13. Halo the be affected by each other – $7,500


The next most expensive beanie baby on our perform is halo the Bear.

Halo is just one of the first special edition bears to be developed by Ty. It is meant to symbolise a child’s guardian angel, v its yellow wings and also halo around its head.

If friend can acquire one from 1998 through a white star published on its fur or one through errors ~ above the tush tags, then you could be laughing every the method to the bank.

Having stated that, discover yourself one with a korean tush tag and noticeable variations in their eyes and nose, and also you’re looking in ~ even more dosh!

12. Mcdonald’s international Bears – $10,000


Mcdonald’s decided to get in top top the action in the 1990s together they saw just how famous the small beanies were.

They started to make a scaled-down variation to incorporate in all their happy meals dubbed ” Teenie Babies”.

These aren’t precious anything today, however, the exclusive line of bears they created are.

The McDonald’s-exclusive line of Teenie Beanie Babies is comprised of 4 individual bears the represent four different nations —Britannia indigenous Britain, Maple from Canada, Erin native Ireland, and Glory from the U.S.

So, if you’ve acquired one of these lying about in its original packaging, then you’ll it is in happy to know it could be precious $10,000!

11. Patti the Platypus – $10,000


Patti is one of the initial beanie babies, and most collectors would certainly love to have one if they don’t already.

She’s no worth every that lot in general, however, one particular colour variation, magenta, is taken into consideration to be really rare, as such worth a many more.

The magenta colour is yes, really what rockets the price up, therefore if girlfriend can uncover one of these you’ll be quids in for sure.

10. Iggy the Iguana – $15,000


Kicking turn off our peak ten many expensive beanie babies, Iggy the Iguana has actually gone with a many different design variations end the years.

For example, part Iggys have a tongue difficult out, some are rainbow in colour, others room dark blue and the tags are inserted in various locations, choose the spine, hand or foot.

These have become super famous with collectors because of all the different colours, styles and also characteristics.

If you control to discover one with missing print within the tag, host on come it as it’s precious a fortune!

9. Brownie the bear – $20,000


Next ~ above the perform is Brownie the bear.

Brownie is among the initial beanie babies and also worth a ton! ~ it was retired and replaced through “Cubbie”, Brownie has gone on to become a collector’s item.

It can be determined by that brown fur and tan snout, and also it shouldn’t have actually a city inside that is tag. Bears are the most famous beanie babies, but since Brownie is also featured in the first-ever collection, it’s understood as being an ext valuable. Inspect your collection and also see if you have actually an original!

8. Hippity, Hoppity and Floppity the Bunnies – $30,000


These cute small bunny beanies space rather appropriately named and come together a collection unlike numerous on our list.

Being component of a collection makes them pretty difficult to come by and therefore increasing their value.

If you can find one ~ above its own, the still might be precious a decent amount, however, if girlfriend felt the must have much more than one bunny as a kid, climate you’ve maxed the end on this one!

7. Valentino the bear –$42,300


The following beanie bear on our perform is Valentino the Bear.

Probably the many elegant spring beanie bear of every time, Valentines colour and also subtle embellishments make him very sort after.

However, there to be a specific batch the Valentino bears that had actually their name misspelt inside the tag, therefore they’re even an ext valuable.

If you manage to find one, you might be feather at selling it for roughly $42,000!

6. Lefty the Donkey and also Righty the Elephant – $50,000


Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant are two beanie babies that room pretty kind after in the beanie baby world.

But, it’s this certain pair that space of most interest because of the among a sort signature indigenous Hillary Clinton.

In 2006, a technician and also loving father controlled to get the beanie babies signed by Hillary for his daughters.

So, considering the valuation of grandm Clinton’s signature, it’s no surprised that collectors would certainly be ready to pay $50,000 because that them!

5. Piccadilly Attic – $125,000


Coming in in ~ number five is what many youngsters might consider “scary”, a clown beanie bear.

If you can gain past the scariness about him, and focus top top his other features, then Piccadilly Attic is a no brainer for any collector!

Clowns aren’t the most popular thing because that kids, so probably it wasn’t the finest move through Ty to do him back in the day.

However, part lucky owners will certainly be happy they did together his value has actually rocketed in recent years!

4. Bubbles – $129,000


Bubbles to be released in 1996 and also proved to it is in super popular.

It walk on to have several different updates and also modifications, but within this updates to be a few different errors.

For example, the 3rd generation Bubbles has the wrong colour thread with its mouth and the 4th generation Bubbles has actually incorrect tush tags.

These errors have gone on to make Bubbles supervisor valuable, together the ones through the errors top top the tush tags made in 1996 are worth a bomb!

3. 15-inch tranquility bear and also 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones – $159,000


Breaking right into the peak three most expensive beanie babies in the civilization is this gigantic 15-inch beanie peace bear and also 9-inch Peace.

If you can control to market these together, which would be the most evident option, you’re looking in ~ a substantial amount that money.

With their unique psychedelic colourings and also both sporting the tranquility symbol, this pair would certainly look good amongst a actual collectors collection!

2. Princess the be affected by each other – $500,000


One the the only beanies on our list to be connected with a tragic historic event, Princess the be afflicted with was created by Ty in memory of the late Princess Dianna.

The bear’s purpose was to motivate the beanie ar into contributing to the Princesses memorial fund.

It has a purple body and features a white increased on that chest.

It’s very rare and therefore usually has actually an asking price of roughly $500,000.

1. Large Wallace and also his formation – $600,000


Topping the list of the many expensive beanie babies in the world is huge Wallace and also his Squad.

Similar come the 15-inch and also 9-inch peace bear, this duo package one hell the a punch when it involves its value.

For $600,000 you’ll acquire a rarely large-sized “Wallace” and two regular-sized Wallaces, Cashew and Huggy.

Apart from your exclusivity, there’s nothing else the really to add to your value.

So, if you have a preventive $600,000 and an intricate buying you yourself a collector’s item, then here’s a really good one for you!


We expect you delighted in our list of the 20 many expensive beanie babies in the world.Who’d of believed these small stuffed animals could be precious so lot money a decade under the line!

What’s much more astonishing, is the they actually sell for this prices! exactly how crazy is that!

If you gain finding out just how much assorted collectibles space worth these days, check out our other lists ~ above the rarest pokemon cards, comic books, sneakers, and more.

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Here’s a fast recap that the 20 most expensive beanie babies in the world:

Large Wallace and also his squad – $600,000Princess the be afflicted with – $500,00015-inch tranquility bear and also 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones – $159,000Bubbles – $129,000Piccadilly Attic – $125,000Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant – $50,000Valentino the be afflicted with –$42,300Hippity, Hoppity and Floppity the Bunnies – $30,000Brownie the be affected by each other – $20,000Iggy the Iguana – $15,000Patti the Platypus – $10,000Mcdonald’s international Bears – $10,000Halo the bear – $7,500Peanut the Elephant – $7,000Gobbles the Turkey – $6,750Snort the Red Bull – $6,500Peace the be affected by each other – $5,000Nana the Monkey – $4,000Employee the bear – $3,000Humphrey the Camel – $1,200

What are your favourite most expensive beanie babies in the world? leaving a comment below.