It’s just in the past few years the alcohol has actually been served at Magic Kingdom, so many civilization don’t recognize the ins and outs of wherein to discover it. Uneven the various other three parks at Walt Disney World, friend won’t uncover alcohol openly offered or carried in the park. You need to know the few spots to go acquire it, and also why you can want to leaving the park to get some instead. Read top top to discover all around where to acquire alcohol in ~ Magic Kingdom!


Getting Alcohol in ~ Magic Kingdom

Since opened in 1971, there has actually been very small (generally no) accessibility to alcohol in Magic Kingdom. Well, it is changing, however it’s not quite a whole brand-new world yet.

When human being reported Magic Kingdom was getting alcohol, lot of of civilization reacted furiously in ~ the idea the “the many magical ar on earth” being tainted. So much the restrictions on alcohol seem to have kept points perfectly well under control, and it’s unlikely they’ll it is in rolling back access (even Disneyland park, “the happiest location on Earth,” now has alcohol in ~ Oga’s Cantina).

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The very first thing to know is the you greatly can (mostly) only gain alcohol at table service restaurants in ~ Magic Kingdom. Table company restaurants frequently require an advance dining reservation, and also Magic Kingdom’s restaurants are amongst the most famous at Walt Disney World.

If girlfriend don’t have actually a reservation, you’ve got three options. The very first is to check for reservations right now in the Disney civilization app. You have the right to sometimes uncover same-day reservations. Simply be certain to search by both enjoy the meal time (e.g. “Dinner”) and also by every actual hour (e.g. “5:00 PM”) because sometimes results will vary.

Second, the Disney World application now display screens wait times because that tables at many table business restaurants. Friend can additionally join the walk-up list via the app, and also when a table is available you’ll be notified.

Third, even if the above two methods in the app fail you, you could just walk increase the restaurant. Even when the app shows no availability, the restaurants sometimes can accept walk-ups.

Table business restaurants execute require a bit of a time commitment. You won’t be popping in because that a rapid beer, and you can’t take it it come go. These are complete sit-down restaurants, so arrangement for an hour visit in ~ least.

If you interested in a table service restaurant, you could want to consider the Festival the Fantasy Dining Package, which includes lunch at Tony’s town Square and VIP parade viewing. (Note: as of October 2021 the dining packages and also parade still have not returned.)

There are three exceptions to the general dominance that you’ll only gain . First, technically it is in Our Guest restaurant is a “quick service” restaurant because that breakfast and also lunch, and alcohol is accessible during those meals. While girlfriend won’t have actually a waiter, you will still need a reservation, and also the meal will often tend to take a little bit longer 보다 a typical quick organization meal at Magic Kingdom.

Second, the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Parties—which have actually returned—serve alcohol. In the past, availability of alcohol varied by which party you went to, so be certain to check it when booking.


Can you bring your own alcohol into Magic Kingdom?

No. Girlfriend cannot lug your own alcohol into Magic Kingdom or any kind of of Disney’s parks.

What sort of alcohol is obtainable at Magic Kingdom?

Currently, there is just beer, wine, sparkling wine, and also cocktails with those alcohols as bases. There is no hard alcohol or cocktails with difficult alcohol available in Magic Kingdom.

Restaurants v Alcohol at Magic Kingdom

The complying with restaurants offer alcohol in ~ Magic Kingdom:

Be our Guest

Cinderella’s imperial Table

Jungle navigating Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Liberty Tree Tavern

Tony’s city Square Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant

The crystal Palace

The Diamond Horseshoe

Keep in mind—the alcohol menus room not the same at every restaurant, and the menus may vary by meal (typically a difference between breakfast and also lunch/dinner).

Wine menus space pretty similar across the restaurants in the park, however we recommend Liberty Tree Tavern and Skipper Canteen because that beer.

As you can expect, the personality meals no flush through alcohol options. Cinderella’s imperial Table has actually a pretty good—but frequently expensive—wine/sparkling wine choice and restricted beer. Crystal palace is minimal on every fronts.

I’ve the review Breakfast in ~ Be our Guest. While i wasn’t happy with my plant-based meal, it was nice to quickly pop in because that a reasonably-priced meal and to it is in able to add a mimosa while i was there.

Finally, save in mind the alcoholic beverages are contained with meals top top the Disney Dining plan for guest 21 and over.


Getting Alcohol near Magic Kingdom

Your other option is to leave Magic Kingdom to obtain a drink. There space three many hotels that space quickly obtainable from Magic Kingdom—Contemporary, Polynesian Village, and also Grand Floridian. Wilderness Lodge is additionally a relatively short watercraft ride away, and Fort Wilderness is a last option, also by boat.

You can pick either the Monorail or bay Lake Bar to crawl if she looking for an extensive time the end of the park.

The downside to this strategy is that it take away time. In ~ a minimum, did you do it got around a 12-minute walk native the prior of Magic Kingdom to Steakhouse 71 Lounge at contemporary Resort. A wait and also slow monorail journey could have you taking 30 minutes to obtain to trader Sam’s at Polynesian.

But there are a couple of upsides come this, as well. For starters, she escaping the crowds. It’s always nice to have actually a bit of breath room in the middle of a lengthy day in ~ Magic Kingdom.


Second, numerous of the world still reading this short article are traveling without children, and you can feel prefer a full, uninterrupted day in ~ Magic Kingdom is a little much. Ns disagree, yet taking the monorail or a watercraft to a nearby bar is a fun way to include some adulting come Magic Kingdom.

And together we mentioned, the alcohol choice inside Magic Kingdom is limited, and those areas that offer it room restaurants, no bars. This method for a true cocktail hour experience, you’ll need to leave the park.

But most crucial to us, it’s simply cool come go view these many hotels (and to ride the monorail or a boat). They’re few of Disney’s finest hotels, and if you’d like to watch what they offer for a future visit, this is a good excuse.


While these aren’t every the options, this is a list of bars to think about (bar, hotel, just how to acquire there):

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto or Tiki Terrace, Polynesian Village, watercraft / Monorail

Enchanted Rose, cool Floridian, boat / Monorail

The wave Lounge, Contemporary, Monorail / Walk

California Grill Lounge, Contemporary, Monorail / Walk

Outer Rim, Contemporary, Monorail / Walk

Our personal preference—we walk to Polynesian village just before the fireworks, grab a drink a businessman Sam’s Tiki Terrace, watch the fireworks native the coast behind Polynesian, and also then head earlier to the park.

Obviously if girlfriend only gain to check out the firework display once you could not desire to do it this way, and you’ll just be going earlier to the park top top days when it’s open late (or you have accessibility to part evening occasion at the park).

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