Apr 25, 2018
Carthay one Lounge in Disney California Adventure supplies Manhattan cocktails.

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Credit: 2018 an innovative Commons user aloha75

Leave the flasks in ~ home, folks. There are, in fact, legitimate ways to acquire a buzz going at Disneyland Resort. Despite Disneyland Park is a strictly booze-free region (other than the exclusive society 33), Disney California Adventure and also Downtown Disney offer the 21-and-older group plenty of friendly places to get a little tipsy. After ~ all, top top a warm summer day, a frozen lemonade doesn’t quite hit the spot the means a chill beer does.

Following space our top five spots for acquiring merry at the happiest place on Earth.

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Karl Strauss BiergartenReady for that cold brew yet? situated within Disney California Adventure’s Pacific Wharf, knife Strauss Biergarten is essentially a beer truck the peddles a usual — but mighty — choice of karl Strauss beers: Tower 10 IPA, endless Summer Light, Amber Lager, Red Trolley Ale, Pintail Pale Ale and a seasonal selection. Beers will collection you back around $9 each, and like every Disneyland establishments, yes sir a limit of two drinks per order. A still-warm, doughy pretzel will certainly round the end the German-influenced experience, and, true to Disneyland fashion, there’s one shaped like Mickey Mouse.

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