Vietnamese public official in Hanoi have actually asked inhabitants to avoid eating dog meat, citing health and public picture concerns. Vendors and also enthusiasts now fear a nationwide half on what they think about to be a traditional delicacy.


Hoang has been eat dog meat because he was young. He can"t imagine there will certainly be a time that he won"t be eat it at least twice a month. However, Vietnamese public official announced in September that dog and cat meat have to no longer be offered in the inner districts that the funding city Hanoi due to the fact that it"s attack to tourists and can spread illness like rabies.

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Dog meat lovers and restaurant owners are afraid that the government will shot to broaden the half anddecide come officially forbid eat dog and also cat meat entirely.

"I don"t see exactly how they deserve to ban it. The demand is just too high," Hoang stated at a restaurant in Vietnam"s largest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City.

In a little alley in Ho Chi Minh City, at least four restaurants servedog meat, or "Thit cho." human being gatheraround tiny tables come dine on thecanine meat, complementing it with rice alcohol or beer.

Hoang, who declined to offer his full name, is sit at a table through three good friends. "For united state it"s a heritage to eat dog meat. It"s just as common as eating seafood or chicken," he told

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It"s a allude manyVietnamese people make. Because that them eating dog meat is no various than eating any kind of other kind of meat. Additionally, some Vietnamese think that eat dog meat by the end of the month will assist them to acquire rid of negative luck gathered in the mainly before. It"s why these types of restaurants room always an ext crowded when the month concerns an end.


Slaughtered dogs because that sale at an annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China

Traditionvs. Global image

The Vietnamese federal government has a various view on things. Public representative in Hanoi say the eating dog meat is damaging the reputation and also image of the funding city. They likewise say that eating the meat could lead come a deadly rabies infection.

In Ho Chi Minh City, authorities are also taking a tougher stand. In September, the city"s largest dog meat sector was raided. According to Vietnamese state media, numerous vendors to be fined and also a huge amount of raw dog meat to be confiscated due to the fact that it come from unknown sources. In Vietnam dogs are frequently stolen from pet lovers and also then marketed to restaurants.

Mr. Chien, who didn"t desire to give his complete name, has been offering dog meat because that 10 year in Ho Chi Minh City. He said that press on him and his colleagues has grown in the past 5 years. He needs to be really transparent about where his dog meat come from.

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"All the meat I"m selling comes from a standard supplier," that told "I have all the papers and also licenses that space necessary. Culture has been looking under on us, so I require to have actually my service as clean together possible," that added.

His restaurant is a popular facility in the city. Each month he attracts about 1,000 customers, who altogether eat about 100 dogs per month. "It"s a business. If there"s demand, climate there is supply," Chien said.

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An estimated 5 million dogs are consumed every year in Vietnam. Only China, where approximately 20 million dogs are consumed every year, eats more of "man"s finest friend."

Animal legal rights activists support a half on dog meat. They have been campaigning for years to gain the controversial dish removed from menus, stating that the slaughter that dogs and also cats is brutal and that Vietnamese people often are afraid for the safety and security of your pets.

Mr. Chien is aware of the resistance to dog meat. He said he will stop selling it if the government concerns a half – but he doubts it will go that far. "I think it"s a tradition that"s been here too lengthy to half it entirely."