What is in reality shocking and upsetting because that many people to uncover out these days is the such eateries are more readily accessible than friend think.

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According come Naver Matome, an digital platform that allows users to collate info relating come one certain topic ~ above a solitary page, such restaurants are almost everywhere the Japanese funding of Tokyo.

It is a issue of recognising which ones.

What type of restaurants?

And this is whereby some cultural understanding come in.

Restaurants that perform serve dog meat commonly specialise in Chinese or korean cuisine, although some of them perform serve Japanese food too.

For instance, the adhering to Chinese restaurant, called Raku Raku ya is found in Ikebukuro, a bustling commercial and entertainment district in Tokyo.

photo via Rakurakuya/Tabelog

Some oriental restaurants, such together the following one, serves dog meat too.

image via Chonhakuton/Tabelog

Which eateries to avoid

For the casual tourist in Japan who execute not want to come into contact with dog meat at all, own this understanding of dog meat being sold in Tokyo can come in handy: friend now know what to look the end for to avoid eateries that do sell dog meat.

And because that those who are squeamish, you could want to prevent reading.

There is no graphic contents in this article, except that there room photos of cooking dishes below.

The images are construed to be upsetting for a most dog lovers, for this reason you are advised to prevent reading.

Ways the serving

Still following? Okay here goes.

Dog meat is served in number of ways, together as warm pot:


Meat and also skin stir-fry (dish in the foreground):

羊頭狗肉ならぬ羊肉狗肉。池袋の延辺料理店・楽々屋で食べた羊のクミン炒め(奥)と狗肉の皮付き炒め(手前・皆が貪った後なので量が減ってます)。既に酒が回っていたせいか、どっちが狗でどっちが羊か迷う人が出たくらいで、どちらも旨かったです。 pic.twitter.com/SbmyEaRDKa

— 墨東公安委員会 (
bokukoui) might 25, 2013

Or simply served cooked, v garnishes and also seasonings:

image via Keikakaku/Tabelog

How is the menu displayed?

These bowl are often labelled not through the Chinese character 犬 (inu), but with the Chinese character that the Chinese usage for dogs, which is 狗 (gou).

photo via SoraNews24

The Japanese use the former to describe dogs, yet not the latter, i beg your pardon is a Chinese character they are unfamiliar with.

As a result, most Japanese people do not know that this restaurants serve dog meat.

However, the word 犬 deserve to sometimes be uncovered on the menu.

picture via Senrikou/Tabelog

image via Hoyomemin

And also in supermarkets that offer it.

Dog meat discovered in a supermarket in Osaka. (Image via ecoecoazarashi2)

Eating dog not illegal in Japan

Import that dog meat right into Japan is not illegal.

Most of the meat uncovered in Japan room imported from nations such together China and South Korea.

Although dog meat usage occurs and also is not an extremely widespread, local activists have talked out versus the practice in Japan, through some even marketing for the income of dog meat right into the nation to be outlawed.

Screenshot via ecoecoazarashi2

A different kind that food culture

Modern-day Japan has actually a strong stigma bordering the consumption of dog meat.

But dog meat was consumed by the Japanese in the past.

In 675 A.D., the Emperor Tenmu banned the killing and also eating of meat throughout Japan between April and also September, according to Kikkoman institute for worldwide Food Culture.

The ban, however, go not incorporate wild birds and animals.

For around a century after ~ the ban was introduced, subsequent emperors had actually to reinforce the regulation repeatedly, thus arguing that the legislation was no followed very closely by the people.

But, over time, dogs came to be seen as an excellent luck, and are even worshipped together gods.

The consumption of dog meat gradually became taboo.

picture via Scott Simon/Maptia

Consumption that whale meat controversial

Japanese food culture is not without controversy too.

While most Japanese carry out not discover eating whale meat a problem at all, plenty of countries, such as Australia, think about it a taboo.

Whale meat is typically found in Japanese supermarkets, although its intake has reduce dramatically. (Image via Shuutak)

Foreigners who are not used to eating raw eggs due to the opportunity of salmonella poisoning might also be surprised the the Japanese find nothing wrong with eating them fully uncooked.

Slow reversal that dog meat-eating trend

Eating dog meat is coming to be less and also less usual in eastern Asia.

In April 2017, Taiwan became the first in Asia to ban the intake of dog and also cat meat.

Demand for dog meat in south Korea has been falling steadily over the years too, which caused fewer restaurants giving dog meat.

The country also recently shut under its biggest dog meat slaughterhouse, Taepyeong, in 2018.

The move was hailed by activists together a landmark achievement and a contributing element to the death of the country"s dog meat trade.

However, in some parts of south east Asia, such together Vietnam and Cambodia, the dog meat profession is on the rise.

Some anti-meat activists might suggest out the there is no difference in between the dog meat trade and other meat industries.

But unlike southern Korea, whereby dogs sold for their meat are preserved in dog farms, that is not uncommon for dog to be snatched turn off the roadways or indigenous people"s homes in countries such as China and also Cambodia.

Protesters that condemn the yearly Yulin dog meat festival in China likewise say the pets are often tortured first before acquiring killed together the locals think the adrenaline released makes the meat much more tender and also tastier.

Not just Asians eat dog

Dog meat is not only consumed in Asia.

In the unified States, where says such together California and brand-new York explicitly outlawed dog meat, it is quiet legal to consume dog meat in 43 states, follow to Dogtime.

And while that is illegal in all states for stores to market dog meat, this go not prevent an individual from killing and eating a dog or offering meat to another person, as lengthy as that is not done v a store.

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In the joined Kingdom, if you can not buy or sell dog meat, it is legal to eat dog as long as you kill it "humanely", report BBC.