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SEOUL—A new opinion poll in southern Korea shows cultivation support for a ban on dog meat consumption, with 84% the those polled saying they don’t or i will not ~ eat dog, and nearly 60% sustaining a legislative ban on the trade. The poll, carried out by Nielsen and commissioned by Humane culture International/Korea, is released on the day rescues 170 dogs from a dog meat farm yard in Haemi, come seek new homes in the unified States and also Canada.

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Key poll findings include:

84% of southern Koreans haven’t spend dog meat or speak they are not ready to consume it in the future.59% of southern Koreans support banning dog meat, boost of 24% indigenous 2017, v opposition to a ban at an all-time low (fewer than half (41%) that the population.57% of southern Koreans think dog meat consumption reflects poorly on Korea, raising from 37% in 2017.

The 170 dogs rescued by were retained in filthy cages top top the dog meat farm till farmer Il-Hwan Kim inquiry for help closing ~ 40 year in the dog meat business. This is the 17th dog farm yard permanently closed under by the pet protection group, and farmer Kim’s story is coming to be increasingly familiar as the decline in popular of dog meat in south Korea sees much more farmers battle to do a living. A more 26 dogs also headed to the United claims to start a new life had been saved from the dog meat trade by in vault rescue operations but had to be unable to leaving their South korean temporary shelter until now because of COVID-19 take trip restrictions. In total, is taking 196 dog meat profession survivors the end of south Korea on a solitary flight, including a poodle, oriental jindos and also mastiffs, Pomeranians, terriers and also a Labrador retriever.

Due come COVID-19 safety precautions, the rescue effort saw’s U.S. Team quarantine for 2 weeks in ~ a government-sanctioned hotel in Seoul before being enabled to head to the dog meat farm to rescue the dogs. As dog fostering is no yet widely embraced in southern Korea,’s Shelter and Rescue partners in the united States and also Canada will take the dogs and start the procedure of equivalent them through forever families. wishes that its job-related to advanced awareness about the benefits of fostering and promotion of its fostering success stories overseas, will progressively lead to an ext dogs finding forever households within the country.

Nara Kim,’s dog meat campaign manager, says: “Every dog meat farm I’ve visited has actually a horrible stench that faeces and also rotting food, yet there is other different about this dog farm, it smells of death. The conditions are important pitiful, and when we uncovered these dog they had actually looks that utter despair top top their faces that will certainly haunt united state forever. Many of them room covered in pains sores and also wounds indigenous neglect, some have actually inflamed eyes and peer out blindly from your cage. I feel thankful they can no much longer see this horrible place they live in, and when they ultimately receive veterinary care and can open their eyes, they will certainly never have to endure this hopelessness again.”

As the Nielsen/ poll shows, most South Koreans perform not consume dog meat, and also a growing populace see dogs just as companion animals. The enduring of dogs and the unsanitary problems on meat ranches has also received much greater visibility in South korean media in current times, v rescues by regional Korean animal welfare groups and also Humane culture International/Korea featured on element time oriental TV, contributing to increasing support for a half on this cruel market that keeps approximately 2 million dog on thousands of ranches in deprived conditions.

A research from the college of Glasgow published last year revealed the dogs top top South oriental dog meat ranches live with chronic cumulative stress, double as high as pet dog living in and also around Seoul. Researchers examined levels of the tension hormone cortisol in dog hair samples, consisting of from 63 dog rescued from farms by Humane culture International. Cortisol is released right into the bloodstream by the adrenal glands once the human body perceives stress. In the brief term this supports a “flight or fight” response, yet when cortisol is elevated for lengthy periods the can result in an adverse consequences including poor immune function, higher susceptibility to condition and reduced quality the life and also welfare.

Nara Kim says: “More human being in southern Korea room interested in pet welfare and the environment, and so when they view footage of our dog farm closures ~ above the news showing the pet suffering and filthy conditions, or read around dog meat exposés by other korean groups, they space really shocked and also upset. The inescapable drop in sales is leading more dog farmer to look for a means out, and right currently operation the only scheme in the nation working in partnership with dog farmer to assist them start a new life. Yet we hope over time the Korean government will take on this form of technique to phase out the dog meat market for good.”

Farmer Il-Hwan Kim says in the last 10 years organization has been yes, really bad. The says: “There is no future in dog meat in ~ all, it’s currently dying and also will autumn apart completely. And also dog agriculture is physical hard and also I’m acquiring old, therefore I want to get out. Forty years ago it was different, however now it’s over for dog farming. I might start work-related in construction, because I provided to work-related in scaffolding and also there are methods there.”


Dog meat is many popular during the Bok job of summer in July and August based on its regarded curative properties during the hot and humid summer months.Recent crackdowns through authorities come curb the dog meat industry encompass the shutting under of Taepyeong dog slaughterhouse (the country’s largest) by Seongnam City board of directors in November 2018, followed in July 2019 by the closure that Gupo dog meat industry in Busan (South Korea’s 2nd largest dog meat market after Moran market, which has additionally closed), and also a statements in October last year by the mayor of Seoul that the city is “dog slaughter free”. In November 2019 a supreme Court uncovered that a dog farmer who electrocuted dogs was in violation of the animal Protection Act, a judgement that can have vast implications for an industry that relies almost entirely ~ above electrocution together a killing has rescued much more than 2,000 dogs from 17 South korean dog farms. The farmers sign a 20-year contract, stipulating they will not breed dogs or any pets again, and also the cages space demolished come ensure the no pets will suffer on the residential or commercial property in future. follows up routinely to ensure compliance among past farmers.This farm closure was carried out under COVID-19 health and safety restrictions, consisting of’s U.S. Team quarantining in a government-sanctioned hotel for 14 days before beginning the rescue. At each dog meat farm closure, has actually a veterinary test for the presence of the H3N2 virus (“canine influenza”), at the time the dogs get their rabies, DHPP and also coronavirus vaccines. additionally vaccinates the dogs because that distemper and also parvo. then quarantines the dog on the farm or at a shelter for at the very least 30 days, and also the dog are health certified again prior to transport overseas.

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Nielsen online research performed August/September 2020. Full sample dimension 1,000 people throughout six major cities in south Korea (Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan) weighted and representative the South oriental adults (aged 18+).