San Francisco 49ers schedule this week

Week 7 — vs. Indianapolis Colts (SNF)

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Oct. 248:20 PMNBC
Point spread: 49ers -4.5Moneyline: Colts +165; 49ers -200Over/under: 44.0 prediction: 49ers 23, Colts 21

Coming off your bye, the 49ers space in must-win mode following a three-game losing streak. Dropping this one at home on national television would pretty much put an finish to any kind of playoff aspirations. Look because that that sense of desperation to bring about a narrow win over Indianapolis.

San Francisco 49ers schedule predictions, roster outlook

May 25, 2021; Santa Clara, CA, USA; mountain Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Trey Lance (5) and Jimmy Garoppolo (10) litter the football throughout Organized Team tasks at san Francisco 49ers cultivate Facility. Causing obligation Credit: Stan Szeto-USA this particular day SportsThe 49ers take on the Detroit Lions in mainly 1 that the 2021 NFL season and boast the largest point spread ideal now. With very early Week 6 bye, san Francisco will certainly be forced to beat 12 continuous weeks come close the end the continual season.

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San Francisco 49ers roster outlook

All of our predictions are based upon the 49ers keeping and beginning these key players:

RB — Elijah Mitchell, JaMycal Hasty (injured) Trey Sermon, Jeff Wilson (injured), Kerryon JohnsonFB — Kyle JuszczykTE — George Kittle, Ross Dwelley, Charlie WoernerWR — Deebo Samuel, Trent Sherfield, Brandon Aiyuk, Mohamed Sanu, Jalen Hurd, Jauan Jennings

Week 1 — mountain Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 41-33 ~ above the road

When: Sunday, Sept. 12 at 1:00 afternoon on FoxSpread: 49ers -7.5Moneyline: Lions +300; 49ers prediction: 49ers 34, Lions 13

San Francisco was up 38-10 in the 3rd quarter of Sunday’s game versus the Detroit Lions, only to view the heavy home underdogs pull to in ~ 41-33 with a possibility to tie the game. While the 49ers’ defense held, this was no the way to end Week 1. The good news? Jimmy Garoppolo perfect 17-of-25 passes because that 314 yards in the win. Trey Lance also threw his an initial NFL touchdown.

Week 2 — mountain Francisco 49ers beat the Philadelphia Eagles on the road, 17-11

When: Sunday, September 19 in ~ 1:00 afternoon ESTSpread: 49ers -3.0Moneyline: Eagles +130, 49ers -155Over/under: prediction: 49ers 31, Eagles 20

A success is a win is a win. Mountain Francisco heads home at 2-0 for simply the 2nd time in the previous decade after ~ a hard-fought win over the Eagles in Philadelphia. That included taking a 17-3 lead late in the 4th quarter prior to having to sweat it out. Jimmy Garoppolo played one more mistake-free game, perfect 22-of-30 passes with two full touchdowns. Nick Bosa obtained to Jalen damages for two sacks.

Week 3 — san Francisco 49ers shed at residence to the eco-friendly Bay Packers, 30-28

When: Sunday, September 26 at 8:20 pm EST top top NBCSpread: 49ers 3.0Moneyline: Packers +145; 49ers -165Over/under: prediction: 49ers 31, Packers 27

San Francisco can not carry out anything ideal for the an initial 29-plus minute of Sunday night’s game against Green Bay. That’s until Trey Lance score a touchdown at the finish of the second quarter. Jimmy Garoppolo then led the 49ers top top what should have been a game-winning drive that caused a touchdown through 37 seconds left. Unfortunately, mountain Francisco left Aaron Rodgers too lot time — causing a difficult 30-28 residence loss to eco-friendly Bay.

Week 4 — san Francisco 49ers shed to Seattle Seahawks, 28-21

When: Sunday, October 3 in ~ 4:05 pm ESTPoint spread: 49ers -2.5Moneyline: Seahawks +115; 49ers -135Over/under: prediction: 49ers 24, Seahawks 20

That’s no what the 49ers wanted to see happen one week after a late-game loss to the green Bay Packers. Jimmy Garoppolo went under before fifty percent with a calf injury ~ struggling big time. Ongoing mistakes in all three phases of the game led to a double-digit second-half deficit with rookie quarterback Trey Lance replacing Garoppolo under center. The question currently becomes whether Lance is the much better option relocating forward after ~ he put up 198 full yards and also two touchdowns in the second half.

Week 5 — san Francisco 49ers shed to Arizona Cardinals, 17-10

When: Sunday, October 10 in ~ 4:25 afternoon ESTPoint spread: Cardinals -5.5Moneyline: 49ers +190; Cardinals -230Over/under: prediction: Cardinals 31, 49ers 27

Trey Lance go what he essential to perform in the rookie’s beginning debut. Unfortunately, part questionable coaching native Kyle Shanahan and also dumb penalty on the 49ers’ offensive line caused a small 17-10 road loss heading into the bye. We’ll need to see what mountain Francisco has actually planned at quarterback relocating forward now that it has actually lost three consecutive. If Jimmy Garoppolo is healthy, he’ll likely get the start Week 7.

San Francisco 49ers schedule predictions

Week 8 —
Chicago Bears

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Oct. 311:00 PMFOX

Perhaps, this can be a matchup in between Trey Lance and also Justin Fields. However, it currently seems more likely the Chicago will certainly roll v Andy Dalton under center. If so, Matt Nagy’s formation is lot too limited on offense to really do this a competitive game. Expect a 49ers win going far in the publicly City.

Week 8 prediction: 49ers 31, bears 20

Week 9 — vs. Arizona Cardinals

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Nov. 74:25 PMFOX

Protecting the home field against fellow NFC West adversaries is walk to be a big deal because that the 49ers in the ultra-competitive division. San Francisco is simply 4-8 against said enemies at Levi’s Stadium because Kyle Shanahan took end in 2017. We’re expecting the team to flip the script in 2021. In this details matchup, the 49ers’ defensive line will have a distinct benefit over the Arizona offensive line in former of Kyler Murray and be maybe to result in a season split.

Week 9 prediction: 49ers 28, Cardinals 24

Week 10 — vs. Los Angeles Rams (MNF)

Monday, Nov. 158:15 PMESPN

Two that the favourite in the NFC West heading into the 2021 NFL season, whoever comes out on height in this division will need to take treatment of company in your head-to-head matchups. Regrettably for the 49ers, Los Angeles seemingly has actually matchup benefits clear throughout the board. That contains Cooper Kupp and also Robert Woods taking advantage of slower-footed 49ers cornerbacks and the presence of Aaron Donald versus a still-questionable inner of the 49ers’ attack line.

Week 10 prediction: Rams 31, 49ers 27

Week 11 —
Jacksonville Jaguars

DateTime (ET) TV
Sunday, Nov. 211:00 PMFOX

Another potential matchup between two rookies, Trevor Lawrence is the sure-fire starter because that Jacksonville. He also has a ton the weapons and a solid offensive line in front of him. In ~ the an extremely least, that need to make Jacksonville vain against far better teams after shedding its final 15 gamings a season ago. Unfortunately, the defense stays a significant question-mark. Even if it is it’s Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance under center for the 49ers, they need to score enough to win in Duval.

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Week 11 prediction: 49ers 34, Jaguars 23
Logan Bowles/NFL Handout photo via USA today Network

Week 12 — vs. Minnesota Vikings

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Nov. 284:25 PMFOX

I am still not sold on Kirk Cousins being able to go to right into Levi’s Stadium versus a fully-healthy 49ers defense and also accomplishing a bland thing. His last appearance against this unit caused an historically poor Vikings power on offense. With Nick Bosa earlier and inquiries lingering ~ above the Vikings’ attack line, look for a narrow san Francisco home win.

Week 12 prediction: 49ers 24, Vikings 17

Week 13 —
Seattle Seahawks (SNF)

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Dec. 58:20 PMNBC

The recent background of this rivalry is interesting. Critical season experienced the 49ers shed by a mere 3 points in Seattle regardless of Garoppolo going under to an injury. Ago in 2019, it clinched the NFC West through a dramatic win over the Seahawks in the Pacific Northwest in mainly 17. What walk this mean? in spite of holes because that both the Hawks and also 49ers heading right into 2021, we have the right to expect near games. Look because that Russell Wilson and also Co. To host court in ~ home.

Week 13 prediction: Seahawks 31, 49ers 23

Week 14 —
Cincinnati Bengals

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Dec. 121:00 PMCBS

At the very least, Cincinnati should be fun in 2021. Last year’s No. 1 pick, Joe Burrow, is slated come return completely healthy after experiencing a take it ACL in 2020. He’ll have rookie No. 5 pickJa’Marr chase to toss the absent to. Include in Tee Higgins, and this offense could be good. Unfortunately, the Bengals’ defensive front seven is a hot mess after their defense yielded almost four touchdowns per game in 2020. The 49ers will certainly take benefit of this.

Week 14 prediction: 49ers 34, Bengals 20
Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer-USA this day NETWORK

Week 15 — vs. Atlanta Falcons

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Dec. 191:00 afternoon CBS

The Kyle Shanahan game. Can this be Atlanta’s means of finally proving it has actually moved ~ above from the era that Falcons football? ns am no buying that in this week 15 matchup in California. Whether it’sJimmy GaroppoloorTrey Lanceunder center, these 49ers have means too lot firepower on violation for the Falcons to have the ability to stay afloat.

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Week 15 prediction: 49ers 35, Falcons 17

Week 16 —
Tennessee Titans (TNF)

DateTime (ET)TV
Thursday, Dec. 238:20 PMNFL Network

Here’s an interesting stat. Ryan Tannehill is 18-8 as the Titans’ starter because joining the team back in 2019. Due to the fact that the start of the 2014 season, all other Titans quarterbacks boast a merged 34-52 document as starters. There’s simply something around Tannehill share a backfield v Derrick Henry. In and also of itself, that should be enough for Tennessee to come out on optimal at residence in what will certainly be a hotly-contested affair.Add in the existence of Julio Jones versus a now-questionable 49ers cornerback group, and it will result in a Titans win.

Week 16 prediction: Titans 24, 49ers 21

Week 17 — vs. Houston Texans

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Jan. 21:05 PMCBS

This could get laughably bad, especially if the 49ers are playing for postseason positioning and the Texans become as bad as we envision. Now that there’s a great chance Deshaun Watson could be compelled to sit the end the 2021 season, that’s magnified further. In fact, ns wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers ended up relaxing some of their starters after the an initial half in this residence outing.

Week 17 prediction: 49ers 42, Texans 10

Week 18 —
Los Angeles Rams

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Jan. 94:25 afternoon FOX

Los Angeles winner both games against its department rivals a season earlier by a an unified 11 points. That’s despite the truth Jared Goff threw two touchdowns versus three interceptions in those matchups. Through Matthew Stafford acting as a major upgrade under facility in 2021, this won’t be a problem. At the an extremely least, the should enable the Rams to defend their home-field in this matchup.