Drew and Jonathan Scott are the longtime stars that Property Brothers, their HGTV display on i m sorry they assist others find and also design your dream homes. Yet where carry out the Property Brothers stars live? as to be expected, they both own pretty swanky homes. And while castle don't live together, Drew and Jonathan do live adjacent each other.

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Drew and Jonathan are not just twins, yet they're organization partners and co-stars of their own Property Brothers franchise too. They as soon as lived with each other in ras Vegas, however these days, they live separately.

Still, castle live following door come each various other in Los Angeles. It's no surprise, offered their background of sharing spaces. If they can't live together, they might as well be neighbors, right?


Judging by Instagram, both brothers' dwellings are as fancy as you'd intend from a pair that makes a living by sprucing up various other people's homes. Drew's Instagram attributes lots of photos of him v his family in their backyard, i beg your pardon looks choose Drew and Jonathan spent time developing themselves. Jonathan has an same impressive home in L.A. That he supposedly shares v his girlfriend, singer and also actress Zooey Deschanel.

Although Jonathan and Drew live in the U.S. And also they're recognized throughout the nation as specialists in the residence renovation field, they're originally from Canada. They flourished up ~ above a horse ranch and also they've worked on dwellings in Canada too. They likewise aren't fear to incorporate few of their upbringing right into their projects. Just don't expect maple sheet rugs and hockey decor.

"We're not putting maple syrup and also Canadian flags in ours work, yet we do include a lot of rustic features," drew told Reader's Digest in January 2018. "When us renovated our parents' place, just outside of Calgary, we did a Rundle rock fireplace that was similar to the one we had actually in our home cultivation up."

Drew married his wife, Linda Phan, in 2018. They don't have actually kids, yet they carry out share plenty around their future to plan on society media and in your podcast, At house with Linda & attracted Scott.

Jonathan to be married come a mrs by the name of Kelsy Ully native 2007 till 2013. In 2019, Jonathan and also Zooey came clean around their relationship after lock met in an illustration of Carpool Karaoke: The Series. Because then, they've been going strong, but they aren't married.


For now, Zooey and Jonathan seem happy v the method things are. She was also in an illustration of Drew and also Jonathan's other present Celebrity IOU.

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Although their people were once an extremely different, v Zooey gift an actress and Jonathan gift a truth TV renovation star, they've successfully linked their lives.

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