You more than likely think you recognize everything about twins Drew and also Jonathan Scott. The Canadian brothers rose to popularity v their fight HGTV house makeover show "Property Brothers," which is in that is 14th season. They take it drab, outdated houses and also work with residential property owners to develop a gorgeous dream home, and it regularly seems choose they work miracles, but they actually attain it v a lot of of hard work. At the very least once, they had actually to say "no" to a homeowner, yet usually, they make dreams come true. Jonathan and also Drew also competed versus each various other in "Brother vs. Brother" and also completed miscellaneous spinoffs that their initial hit tv show. 

The twins began their careers early, purchase their an initial house at age 17 and flipping it for a tidy profit (via HGTV). Jonathan detailed during a clip of your BroCam the they frequently get emails questioning if lock are real twins. It may seem evident since castle look so lot alike, but fans always want to know the truth. However, during the quick video, Jonathan and Drew revealed miscellaneous astonishing about their arrival, which likely threw their parents, Jim and also Joanne Scott, for a pretty big loop ~ above the job they to be born.

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If girlfriend can believe it, the Drew and Jonathan Scott"s parents, Jim and also Joanne Scott, had actually no idea castle were about to welcome twins. Born first, they assumed Jonathan to be the only child she had been carrying. The brothers said the story for the BroCam, revealing that drew showed up 4 minutes ~ Jonathan. Due to the fact that Joanne go not obtain an ultrasound, the medical professional shocked her by informing her they assumed there was an additional baby. Throughout her prenatal care, the twins" heartbeats were in sync, so there were no tell-tale signs that Joanne"s solitary pregnancy would certainly beget two babies.

Another exciting tidbit the similar twins common is the Jonathan had actually Drew"s butt publish on his skull due to the fact that Drew"s backside pressed versus Jonathan"s head together they flourished in the womb. Apparently, the imprint is still there today. "Regardless that what happens, i will always be 4 minutes enlarge — four minutes wiser," Jonathan proclaimed. However, attracted had something come say around his contempt older brother"s situation.

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"Regardless of whatever happens, i will always have sat on her head in the womb for nine months," attracted teased, leaving Jonathan v a "gross" visual. Although Drew might have come together a surprise, life would not it is in the very same without him!