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HGTV star drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan recently debated raising your future children. In an illustration of the “At home with Linda & attracted Scott” podcast, uploaded on august 3, the husband-and-wife duo, that wed in 2018, focused on the topic of communication.

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Drew Scott Shared just how He Would prefer To interact With His Future Children

During the podcast episode, Scott shared that he and his mam “want to have kids” and have friends and also family members who are currently parents. He defined he is “always watching to see just how the parents are interacting with the children to shot and prefer teach lock a lesson or come encourage them through something.” The 43-year-old walk on come say that he previously had actually notions of exactly how he would be a parent till seeing his “brother-in-law Wes” interacting with his children.

“At first, when I saw exactly how he was connecting with the kids, i was thinking prefer I would self-control them more in the sense of I would be like, ‘hey you’re not doing that, you’re grounded, go to her room,’ or whatever it is but then i realized then I’m just barky Drew and also I’m simply barking orders and also that doesn’t work. That’s no helpful,” said the tv personality.

Scott walk on come say the he appreciated exactly how his brother-in-law would take care of his kids when lock were no on their finest behavior.

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“He would avoid them from doing what they were doing and also ask them, friend know, what the is they space doing and why they to be doing it and also to think v whether the was a good or poor thing,” said the “Property Brothers” star. “In doing what that does, he’s having the children think v the process and discover from what they are doing. And also they get to a an outcome where there’s no barking and yelling and it is in reality for me is choose mindblowing to watch something that’s like, ‘wow you’re using communication in one effective method to go from a an adverse situation to make it a discovering lesson and also grow native there’ and also I love it.”

Scott then defined that he additionally noticed their various other friends allow their children to “problem-solve” with minimal help. He noted that he has an appreciation because that this technique but defined that he will “have to protect against from simply telling children how to perform the things what they will certainly do.” The television personality also suggested the he disagrees with particular parenting styles. He mutual that his friend, who has “a very outgoing personality,” instructs their “shy” kid to “speak up much more or it is in louder or say something funny.”

“I to be noticing like that’s to me a good reminder that that’s not how to perform it. We have actually to try to encourage castle to lug out your personality instead of informing them to bring out your personality,” claimed Scott.

Phan agreed through this sentiment and also stated that their future child’s “personality doesn’t need to be big and loud.”