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Pitt vs. Miami

October 30

Pitt vs. Miami2021-2022 NCAA SeasonTime TBA

The Pitt Panthers matchup versus Miami is collection for Saturday, October 30, 2021. The game’s kick-off time is no yet set and TV broadcast details will be collection at a later on date. Radio play-by-play deserve to be heard ~ above 93.7 The Fan.

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What to Know, before You Go

We have actually been working hard behind-the-scenes come prepare Heinz ar for your next visit. All fans have to prepare for brand-new policies and also procedures in place, designed to keep us all safe!. LEARN an ext


All parking too many will open up 3 hrs prior come kickoff.


Gates will open to every ticketed fans 90 minutes prior to kickoff.


Last season, we relocated to a brand-new mobile-only ticketing device for non-Steelers Season Ticket Holders. That method if you have purchased a single game ticket, girlfriend will need to have actually your ticket prepared on your mobile phone call in stimulate to enter the stadium. Hard copy ticket are welcomed at the gates yet no tickets printed at home deserve to be offered to get in the stadium. Come learn much more about the brand-new mobile ticketing mechanism for Steelers games and events, visit

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NOTE: screenshot of QR Codes will certainly not work at entry. All digital tickets must be displayed through your mobile ticketing app.


Heinz Field urges fans come not carry in any type of bags. However, the following style and also size bag, parcel or container at stadium plaza areas, stadium gates or as soon as approaching queue lines of fans awaiting entry into the stadium room permitted:


The Pitt Panthers and Heinz field management room advising fans attending the game about some accessibility and security matters, including the adhering to stadium policies: Walk-through steel detectors will be in place at every Heinz ar entry allude this year. Signs and apparel with foul language or unreasonable messages room prohibited in ~ Heinz Field. Fans with signage or apparel bearing foul language will certainly not be allowed into Heinz ar or will certainly be topic to expulsion from the stadium. Media must existing identification and also check-in before being admitted come the stadium.