After renovating dozens of homes on the HGTV collection Fixer Upper between 2013 and also 2018, marred renovation specialists Chip and Joanna Gaines are ago “with brand-new ideas for transforming outdated residences into jaw-dropping, innovative living spaces” in the brand-new series Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, follow to the Magnolia show’s logline.

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But those jaw-dropping spaces might look a tiny less jaw-dropping off-screen. In the initial Fixer Upper, at least, the furniture wasn’t included.

Yeah, much of the furniture on Fixer Upper was simply there because that staging purposes, and also then the production staff carted the away uneven the homeowners determined to buy it. Check out it and also weep, people.


In a now-offline 2015 Q&A about the show, Joanna confirmed that her and Chip’s Fixer Upper clients have the alternative of purchase the staging furniture at the finish of filming.

“Our show features actual clients with genuine budgets. The furniture budget plan is not component of the remodeling budget; it’s something part clients add at the end,” she wrote. “About fifty percent of ours clients currently have all their very own furnishings (some of i beg your pardon I usage for the reveal), and others purchase the items ns decorate the home with.”

But Joanna also offered a great reason for the staging: “The main reason i decorate the rooms because that the reveal is due to the fact that I desire the client to obtain the full photo of exactly how to maximize their newly renovated space.”

Former Fixer Upper customer Jaime Ferguson — who showed up with her husband, Kyle, in the Season 3 episode “A big Fix for a residence in the Woods” — confirmed that the furnishings aren’t had in the last product.

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“When it come time to load up all their beautiful staging furniture, Kyle and I had to decision what us really loved since our budget at that point was quite spent,” she explained to lifestyle blogger Rachel Teodoro. “ We decided to keep the coffee table from, two striped chairs from Wayfair, and also the dining table. Joanna gifted few of the music room items the she had actually custom-made for Kyle. For this reason special!”

Jaime seemed to have no regrets about the experience, offering Joanna props because that doing “an exceptional job” and also for incorporating several of the pieces that Jaime and Kyle currently owned.

“I have a big blue buffet that’s unique to me!” she said. “We bought it when we were very first married. It was cherry wood. One day in Austin, I determined I wanted to jazz it up, so i painted it blue, antiqued it, and included gold gilding. So when Joanna want to usage that piece in our last design, it made me giddy! … She also used our antique gray and black dresser … and our old sofa in the music room. She hung a couple of of our points up together well, like a mirror and also some framed music sheets in the music room.”

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