The Hemsworths: certainly one the the many beloved families to ever before have been put on Australian soil.

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You may recognize Chris from Marvel's Thor, or youngest brothers Liam indigenous The Hunger Games trilogy. But did you recognize they share an larger brother who is also an actor?

They weren't always one big happy family members either, with the boys frequently getting approximately no great when they were younger.

Read top top to find everything you should know around the Hemsworth family.


Where it every began.

The three Hemsworth brothers were every born in Melbourne, Victoria, to their parents, Leonie and also Craig.

Leonie is an English teacher, and Craig functioned in child security services.

Here's a sweet photo Liam shared of Craig and Leonie on their wedding job in 1983.


The Hemsworths relocated to the northern Territory once Liam, the youngest that the siblings, was just a couple of years old.

It to be there Leonie and also Craig operated on a cattle farm.

"It to be four-and-a-half hrs from the nearest town," chris told the Telegraph. "My parental ran the ar centre i beg your pardon doubled together a short article office and grocery store. It was in the middle of nowhere. There to be crocodiles and also buffalo. I visited a institution that was made up of 60 kids in between the periods of five and 17, all mashed right into two classrooms."


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Leonie Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth

It wasn't always fun and games for the Hemsworth brothers. Luke and also Chris offered to torment their younger brothers Luke v a BB gun.

"We do Liam placed a motorbike helmet on and a pair of jumpers and some gloves and we claimed 'run' and we had actually to hunt him around the house," chris told the Herald Sun. "He didn't love that video game as lot as us did."

The family later relocated to Phillip Island, Victoria.


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Liam Hemsworth, Luke Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth

It was mainly Chris and also Liam who spent their childhood acquiring into wild brawls in between each other.

When that was simply eight years old, Liam threw a knife at Chris' head. Luckily the handle only struck him and not the blade.

Their fighting got so poor the brothers had actually to remain in separate relatives' dwellings when their parents were away on a holiday.


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Samantha Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth is the eldest brother of the family and also is additionally an actor!

While he's ideal known because that his duty in Westworld, Luke showed up on 10 episodes of Neighbours in 2001, and Chris and also Liam made brief appearances ~ above the show a couple of years later.

Luke and also Liam acted alongside each various other in the present The Elephant Princess, if Chris had a three-year stint on Home and Away.

Luke married to Samantha and they share four children together: Daughters Holly, Ella, Harper Rose and son Alexandre

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Chris Hemsworth, Leonie Hemsworth and also Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth, known for his function as Thor in the Marvel franchise, is the center child the the three siblings. He made decision he wanted to become an gibbs in stimulate to support his family financially.

"We flourished up through very tiny money and also that sort of irritable me as a boy listening to my parents talk around bills every week and also sort of see the sort of load that put on them. I thought, 'That's it. I'm gonna make money and also pay off their house,'" kris told W Magazine in 2017.

He's married to the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and they share 3 children: Daughter India and sons Sasha and Tristan.

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Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, the youngest brother, actually had his mum teach him because that a if in high college — ~ above a little of a touchy subject.

"No boy should need to be taught sex education by their mum," Liam called Jay Leno in 2013. "It's specifically what you think it's prefer — yes, really uncomfortable.

"It was amazing until she start talking around her very own experiences. That's once I just headed the end the door. 'I'll view ya later, Mum'."

"I think the end of embarrassment she happen me, yet I honestly got so uncomfortable ns wouldn't revolve up to many of she classes," he added.

Liam was married to singer Miley Cyrus, however is now in a partnership with Aussie design Gabriella Brooks.

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Liam and Chris Hemsworth

Did girlfriend know, both Liam and Chris auditioned for the duty of Thor back in 2011?

At the time, that looked choose Liam to be going come snatch up the gig, acquiring a variety of callbacks while chris heard nothing.

Chris tried again for another audition and obviously gained the part.

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Liam, Craig, Luke, Leonie and Chris Hemsworth

The Hemsworth household know just how to throw a party!

Here castle all are at Luke's milestone 40th birthday ago in at an early stage November, pull in the theme of Peaky Blinders.

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Chris Hemsworth, Craig Hemsworth, Leonie Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth

While kris Hemsworth has three children with wife, Elsa Pataky, and Luke has four young daughters, there's absolutely never a dull moment at family members celebrations.

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"Chris' youngsters are loud and we, the boys, room loud as well. Once we obtain going, it's a raging party with points being broken, youngsters kicking things. It's great times," Luke told Hola! in 2016.