The last episode that "The Sopranos" make a lot of of civilization angry due to the fact that it ends v mob boss Tony Soprano and his household eating at an ice cream cream parlor if "Don"t protect against Believin"" by trip plays in the elevator … and also then, suddenly, the display screen turns black.

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Some believed the finishing was a dirty trick, when others observed it as a hit of brilliance. A popular theory is the Tony gets shot, yet doesn"t know it because, as his brother-in-law Bobby Baccala said, "You more than likely don"t even hear it when it happens, right?"

So the display gives united state all an idea of what it"s prefer to die. We"re here and then we"re not.


Well, follow to current research, the scientific research behind the ending of "The Sopranos" may be wrong. Few of us may understand we"re dead for a couple of moments after ~ the fact.

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Medical specialists officially proclaim who dead at the minute their love stops or what doctors contact cardiac arrest. "Technically, that"s how you get the time of fatality – it"s all based upon the moment when the heart stops," Dr Sam Parnia, a resuscitation researcher at Stony Brook university School, said Life Science.

"Once the happens, blood no much longer circulates to the brain, i m sorry means mind function halts nearly instantaneously," Parnis continued. "You lose all your brain stem reflexes – your gag reflex, her pupil reflex, all the is gone."

However, Parnia states that ~ cardiac arrest the cerebral cortex, is likely to be energetic for 2 to 20 seconds after we"ve died. This component of the brain interprets sensory details so we might actually hear an er doctor say, "The patient is dead." Which would be a pretty creepy experience.

These couple of extra moments of post-life might also allow us to feel death as the creeps v our bodies.

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Cardiac arrest kicks turn off a collection of cellular procedures that kill off our mind cells, however this have the right to go ~ above for hrs after the heart as stopped.

If emergency responders begin performing CPR, that deserve to get sufficient blood flow to keep the cerebral cortex active for also longer.

"If you manage to restart the heart, i beg your pardon is what CPR attempts come do, you"ll progressively start to acquire the mind functioning again," Parnia said. "The much longer you"re act CPR, those mind cell fatality pathways are still happening — they"re simply happening at a slightly slower rate."

So it appears that in the last few moments of our resides we obtain the satisfaction of thinking, "Oh gee, I"m dead," and the next thought is probably, "What"s next?"