It"s Thanksgiving in the NFL, and the Washington Redskins space at the Dallas Cowboys. The alone offers football pan a lot to it is in thankful for. However if history is any type of indication, Thursday"s outcome will certainly favor the residence team in this vacation matchup. 

Believe it or not, the Redskins have never winner in Dallas top top Thanksgiving. In six visits to the Lone Star State, they have actually been shunned 6 times at the Cowboys" dinner table.

That"s no means to law a guest, yet it"s particularly rude when a bench-warmer i do not care the star that the day. 

According to"s Mike Richman, Washington"s most frustrating Thanksgiving loss occurred at Texas stadion on Nov. 28, 1974. On the day, "the Redskins to be victimized by a rookie quarterback that crafted the just moments of reputation in his short NFL career." 

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Clint Longley had nowhere near the skills of Washington"s Robert Griffin III, however he stunned a national television audience by coming turn off the bench to command Dallas to 3 second-half scoring drives en route to a 24-23 victory.

In a column he created for, Richman defined how cook the rivalry came to be when Washington coach George Allen ordered protective tackle Diron Talbert to placed the are afraid of God in Cowboys quarterback i get it Staubach. 

Just days before the Thanksgiving affair, Talbert said: 


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If girlfriend knock (Staubach) out, you’ve got that rookie encountering you. That’s among our goals. If we carry out that, that great. He’s every they have. 

According to Richman, "Talbert obtained his wish once a vicious struggle by Redskins linebacker Dave Robinson required Staubach the end of the game." but it to be Longley that gained the critical laugh. 

Washington"s last victory on Thanksgiving come in 1973 when Allen"s Redskins to win Detroit, 20-0, in ~ Tiger Stadium. Thursday clues the very first time in a decade that Washington has actually played top top Turkey day in Dallas. In 2002, the Cowboys escaped on their residence turf through a 27-20 win. 

Dallas pan rejoiced on 4 other Thanksgiving occasions between 1968 and also 1996. 

The last scores were:

1996: Cowboys 21, Redskins 10

1990: Cowboys 27, Redskins 17 

1978: Cowboys 37, Redskins 10 

1968: Cowboys 28, Redskins 20 

Coincidentally, Washington has never hosted Dallas on Thanksgiving. For evaluation of all 6 of the teams" meetings in Texas, please examine out this column by Gary Najman the 

The Cowboys have actually not been generous hosts, yet perhaps things will be various for Washington in 2012. 

Despite the Redskins" 4-6 record, they space still mathematically lively for an NFC wild-card berth. They also host Dallas (5-5) ~ above Dec. 30 in a regular-season finale in ~ FedExField. So, "to the winner goes the spoils." 

A Redskins win would collection up a roadway fight through the Giants top top Dec. 3. Brand-new York, 6-4, hosts green Bay Sunday night, so the defending Super key champs can conceivably have actually a one-game lead end Washington heading into its Monday Night Football contest against the skin in the Meadowlands.

The NFL and also its television partners would definitely be ecstatic about that. However it"ll be every for nothing if Washington can"t come away v its very first Thanksgiving Day victory in Dallas. 

So glue yourself to your flat screen since there"s nothing far better than cheering top top the Redskins when your family or guests room too stuffed to talk!

Happy Holidays to all. 

Joe Versage is one NFL Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He previously covered the Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens as a tv beat reporter. Monitor him top top Twitter at:
JoeVersage Takip et:

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Unless otherwise noted, all historical information is courtesy of and the national Football League.

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