The life of Chelsea Clinton has been rather a busy one — through her going native presidential an initial kid to mother, wife, philanthropist, and empowered women"s rights advocate. If she"s often spoken of in relation to she parents, specifically after campaigning for her mom in the 2016 election, Clinton has made a name for herself external of her well known mom and also dad. One day soon, Chelsea Clinton"s name could eclipse the names invoice Clinton and Hillary Clinton. She"s also hinted at a possible future in politics for herself.

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Clinton never really left the spotlight after she days of life in the White House, and also we don"t intend her to any kind of time soon. As the daughter that a previous president, she would have already been famous, however she has additionally established a successful career. Clinton has actually quite a hefty an individual fortune amassed with a selection of jobs. If you"re wonder just exactly how much money the former president"s daughter makes, you"re not alone; this is how she earns she salary and how lot she earns.

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Clinton has been living a pretty cushy way of life from day one. Her dad hadn"t been elected president yet as soon as she to be born, however he was the branch of Arkansas in ~ the time. This method that Clinton"s very very first home to be the governor"s mansion. The three-story house sits top top 8.5 acres of land and also is filled through historical artifacts including an 18th century grandfather clock, an antique sideboard, and also an 18th century French chandelier hanging in the foyer. Talk about a posh residence!

While the house didn"t belong to the Clintons outright, safety her early on years in the governor"s mansion prepared Clinton for the luxurious residence where she would spend her adolescence: the White House. Her father was elected to the office when Clinton was just 12 year old, definition that she no only prospered up in the limelight, but she additionally lived a quite comfortable life.

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It would certainly be simple to say that Clinton"s success is all thanks to her parents. If her renowned last name no doubt opened doors because that her, Clinton hasn"t relied top top nepotism to carry her with life. Clinton is very intelligent and also hasn"t been afraid to work tough for she success. The former president"s daughter has been focused due to the fact that childhood, as soon as her teachers labeled her together "precocious." She began studying ballet in ~ the period of four, learned exactly how to invest in the stock sector when she to be 11, and skipped the third grade. Her mainly high institution record obtained her admission to the elite Stanford University, wherein she initially planned to come to be a doctor. She eventually changed her major from pre-med to history, and then deserve a master"s level in international relations indigenous Oxford University.

After a few years in the workforce, Clinton went earlier to institution to obtain another Oxford degree. In 2014, she graduated v a Ph.D. In global relations native the prestigious school at the period of 34. Famed parents aside, together an impressive resume under her belt renders Clinton eminently qualified for any variety of high-paying jobs.

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In despite the of the fact that Clinton has worked exceptionally hard for her career, rumors persist the her parents space responsible for her fortune. One rumor to be so extensive that fact-checking website Snopes investigated it. According to the rumor, after finishing she education, she was hired by she parents who paid her $900,000 a year.

How much truth was over there to the allegation? absolutely none. If the well-circulated rumor did count on credible news sources in bespeak to come at the hefty sum provided as she salary, the rumor embellished the truth quite a bit. The is true that Clinton was making a pretty big chunk of readjust at the time that the rumor was going around, however her genuine salary to be nowhere close to the almost million disagreement salary that the gossip claimed. The money additionally didn"t come from she parents, but was earned from various other sources.

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Chelsea Clinton gone into the workforce straight out that graduate school, landing a gig v consulting certain McKinsey ~ completing her master"s level at London"s reputation Oxford University, as reported by The Telegraph in 2014. Follow to the publication, Clinton"s beginning salary because that the job would have been about £40,000 (more 보다 $50,000), however the Observer asserted that Clinton was in reality raking in a hard $120,000 her first year through the company.

Clinton reportedly remained with the McKinsey firm for 3 years, an initial in public health and wellness practice and then in financial services and an innovation practice together a manager. The project was reportedly taxing, and also Clinton at some point parted methods with the firm. "Was i going to proceed to job-related 100 hrs a week and also invest time there and also energy?" she called The Telegraph of she decision come leave. "Or was ns going to go perform something else?"

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After parting methods with McKinsey, Chelsea Clinton gone into the hedge money world. She joined Avenue funding Group in 2006 at the period of 26. Also before beginning her job with the hedge fund, the Clinton family currently had ties v Avenue Capital. That founders, Marc Lasry and also Sonia Gardener, were major contributors come Hillary Clinton"s Senate re-election campaign.

While Clinton"s exact salary in ~ Avenue capital isn"t publicly known, the Intelligencer estimated her beginning salary when her new job to be announced. According to the publication, together a newcomer to hedge funds with limited experience, Clinton would have actually been meant to do a starting annual salary of $100,000. While the seems prefer a pay reduced from the approximated $120,000 she started with at her previous job, hedge funds are recognized for paying out an extensive bonuses depending upon how the fund does. Chelsea"s first-year bonus can have been as lot as $150,000, much more than doubling her salary.

In 2011, Clinton joined NBC News in what to be a very well-paid position. Together a unique correspondent, she was reported to be making a jaw-dropping $600,000 every year — more than plenty of full-time correspondents to be earning (via Vanity Fair"s The Hive). Main sources were reluctant to comment on the details that Clinton"s employment at the time. "We don"t discuss details of present contracts," a network spokesperson told Politico. "NBC News proceeds to reap a exorbitant working relationship with Chelsea, and also we space proud of she work."

The job, together with the hefty salary, was criticized by countless who believed that Clinton didn"t have the journalistic an abilities to justify her position. The Los Angeles Times speculated the NBC to be trying to "curry favor" v the Clintons, if the Intelligencer criticize NBC because that paying Clinton an ext than half a million per year "to execute nothing, basically." While working for NBC wasn"t a full time gig, it was a real job. During her time through the broadcasting company, Clinton operated on assignments for Rock center with Brian Williams, showing up in four episodes from 2011 come 2013, and additionally contributed come NBC"s Nightly News. Clinton left the position in 2014.

Since 2011, Clinton has additionally served together the vice chair of her family"s organization, the Clinton Foundation. While she maybe doesn"t draw a salary for her work with the philanthropic organization, that is mission is really important come her. Clinton told The Telegraph the she desires to focus on worries that have actually "existed too lengthy in the shadows, the historically have actually made civilization uncomfortable."

The structure works globally, concentrating on many worries including an international warming, providing food and also healthcare for civilization living in poverty, and also children"s health. She intends to prove those who case she is profiting off her parents" success wrong. "I will certainly just constantly work more difficult and hopefully carry out better," she said. "And hopefully, end time, ns pre-empt and also erase every little thing expectations civilization have that me not having actually a great work ethic, or not being smart, or no being motivated."

In 2019, Clinton announced that she and her father arrangement to launch a podcast in link with the foundation called Why to be I telling You This?

Growing up in the an initial family isn"t easy. For most of her at an early stage life, Clinton was viewed as component of a politician"s household rather than being viewed as an individual. It"s not surprising, then, that Clinton has actually spent years separating her identity from the of her parents. Determined to succeed on her very own merit, she has displayed an especially drive. Her duty with the Clinton Foundation, if dear to she heart, is additionally something the is a source of inner conflict.

"It is frustrating, because who wants to grow up and follow their parents?" she called The Telegraph. "I"ve tried really hard to care about things the were really different from my parents. Ns was curious if I might care around top top some fundamental level, and also I couldn"t. That wasn"t the metric of success I wanted in my life. I"ve talked around this to mine friends who space doctors and whose parents are doctors, or who space lawyers and also their parents room lawyers. It"s a funny point to realize ns feel called to this job-related both together a daughter and additionally as someone who believes I have contributions to make."

One the Clinton"s most rewarding positions to date pays her thousands of thousands the dollars for just a grasp of meetings. She sits on the board of two companies, IAC and also Expedia, both of which are run by household friend Barry Diller, a billionaire who donated over $400,000 come Hillary Clinton"s presidential campaign back in 2016, follow to the Daily Mail. The former president"s daughter has reportedly been on the board of IAC due to the fact that 2011 and, in 2018, made $299,957 in an unified stock and also cash for attending just six meetings. According to SEC filings, Clinton owns more than $6 million in share in the company.

Clinton also made $302,880 for attending a pair of Expedia plank meetings. While she owns much less stock in that company than in IAC, her total Expedia stocks room worth end $400,000, substantially bolstering her net worth. Earning thousands of thousands that dollars each year for attending a few board meetings isn"t a bad method to do a living.

Like both she mother and her father, Clinton has developed herself together an author. The Clintons space so prolific that the future might really well see them together a literary dynasty rather than as a politics dynasty. Bill Clinton is a bestselling author, together is Hillary Clinton, and their just child has followed in your footsteps. Clinton has actually written several popular children"s books and has also co-authored a book on global health.

Her She Persisted series carries a strong feminist message, and is focused on the lives of renowned women. She described to The Guardian the she desires to highlight the achievements of women, particularly as most popular children"s publications are around boys. "Even when the personalities are animals, they"re someone"s sister or they"re someone"s mother, or they"re someone"s partner or friend. Therefore from the earliest periods we tell our kids that guys are more significant," she said. "It"s so regularly the case that our stories are centered about men, told by men, the heroes are males — and also so i think it"s hugely crucial that us make women much more visible in the story in our history that have constantly existed, but additionally to imagine and create more female-centred stories moving forward."

With an estimated net worth of $15 million, Clinton is affluent in her very own right, but she likewise married someone v a happiness of his own. Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, also has an approximated net precious of $15 million. Mezvinsky thrived up in a well-off family and, like his wife, attended Stanford. The Mezvinsky and Clinton households have to be friends since the "90s, i m sorry is just how the two initially met.

Mezvinsky is an investment banker who has worked for Goldman Sachs and hedge money 3G Capital. Clinton"s husband apparently earns an approximated $2 million a year which way that, also if she weren"t already drawing in a large salary, the pair would still it is in doing quite well for themselves. The couple also has actually some substantial assets, including a $10.5 million apartment in brand-new York City (via Vanity Fair). The apartment boasts 5,000 square feet and is an update from your previous home, which lock bought for the (comparatively) cheap amount of $4 million.

What perform you offer the human being who has actually everything? A really, really expensive wedding. The Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding to be one because that the books and also cost a tiny fortune. The elegant affair, i m sorry took location in 2010, led to a media frenzy. Clinton"s wedding dress alone, a custom-made Vera Wang gown, cost much more than countless weddings at an estimated $25,000, according to The Knot. Throw in a 500-pound wedding cake with 9 tiers standing at a total of 4 feet (estimated at a minimum the $10,000), and an 18-piece big band orchestra, and also you"re looking at fairly an hefty price tag. The wedding took place at Astor courts estate in Rhinebeck, N.Y., wherein receptions can cost up to $200,000, together reported by ABC News. The full cost of the occasion was estimated to clock in at a chuck $2 million.

That"s a many money, also for people as well off as the Clintons, however the family reportedly didn"t specifically foot the entire bill themselves. In 2016, emails released by WikiLeaks suggested that the Clinton foundation paid for at least component of the lavish wedding, follow to the Independent, but that claim hasn"t been confirmed.

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As the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton was standing to include to her currently massive an individual net worth as soon as she at some point inherits she parents" wealth. The Clintons famously left the White house without any money, and also Hillary said that lock didn"t walk in v much, either. "We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, because that Chelsea"s education," she told ABC (via Politifact). "It was not easy."

In the years that followed, though, the Clintons managed to amass a huge personal fortune v speaking events and also book sales. Follow to a 2016 Forbes analysis of their tax returns, the Clintons had actually made over $240 million since leaving the White House. While many of the money was made by the previous president through book sales, castle no doubt included to your sizable nest egg the complying with year once Hillary"s book What Happened broke sales records.

While she may be busy with her career, Chelsea Clinton"s most necessary job is gift a mother. With two youngsters at home and one much more on the way, together of this writing, the former an initial daughter is busy with her cultivation family. "Marc and I room like, "What did us do prior to we to be parents?"" Clinton told Elle after the bear of her an initial child. "My entirety life is reoriented roughly my daughter in the many blessed sense. I now understand — this is other else that Marc and I talk about all the time — every one of the enthusiastic, bombastically spectacular, wonderful things human being say around their children..."

Being a mother might keep she busy, however it has likewise reinforced Clinton"s commitment to sex equality. "I didn"t recognize that i could care any more about sex equality till I became a mom, and also until I became the mother of a daughter," she told Sky News. "What had been together an imperative to me... Ended up being all that more visceral, due to the fact that now it"s not simply all girls that I"m fighting for, it"s likewise Charlotte."