Joanna Gaines’ eye for design is favor no other. Over the past five seasons the Fixer Upper, she has carried her format into the dwellings of countless people, both through her clients on the show and through ours televisions. But there is one certain design element Gaines incorporates into all of her residences — and it’s not actual (check out web page 4).

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Gaines step every ‘Fixer Upper’ home


If they desire to save the furniture they have to pay because that it. | Magnolia Market

As is the case for most HGTV shows, the clients don’t frequently get to keep the furniture or decorations. Their budget usually just allots because that renovations. According to previous Fixer upper client Jaime Ferguson, the clients deserve to pick what they desire to keep at the end, but it’s an included cost. Otherwise, all of the furniture gets removed from the residence after filming. Another client said the they acquired an itemized perform of the furniture prices in case they want to keep anything.

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The families do obtain to keep certain pieces designed especially for them


If Clint design it, they obtain to keep it. | HGTV

On miscellaneous episodes, you’ve more than likely noticed that Gaines’ friend, Clint Harp, designs pieces specifically tailored to the family members on the episode. The clients do get to store pieces choose these. Those pieces are developed into the budget, and the Gaines’ law them prefer a gift for the family whose home they’re remodeling.

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The plates, cups, and accents are all purchased for the big reveal


All the accents room purchased for the reveal. | Magnolia Market

At the finish of the episode, Gaines come in to set up the residence for the clients’ huge reveal. She usually brings follow me a boy or 2 to aid her out. Together, they set up the decorative plates and also utensils, add art come the walls, etc. In every home, Gaines constantly adds part staples that are true to her an individual style. Shiplap, because that example, makes an figure in at least one room every episode. Yet there’s one much more design aspect she incorporates — and also it no real.

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The flower are constantly fake


It’s a lot to maintain. | HGTV

Gaines loves come garden, but all of those flower you see staged ~ above dining tables and kitchen counters? they’re fake. The Fixer Upper designer considers it s her a green thumb, however she never ever puts actual plants in a finished Fixer top home. “I’m all around plants and pots, yet you take that to another level through fresh florals all over — it simply feels like a lot the you’ve acquired to maintain,” she said

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She incorporates flowers in every room due to the fact that they carry out ‘movement’


They add a small something to the space. | HGTV

Gaines no shy around her love that flowers. She says that every room demands movement. “I think flowers offers whimsy come a space,” she said “If friend look in ~ the room without it, that looks choose it’s lacking something.” She believes real plants in a residence are high maintenance (but she does tension that if girlfriend love them, walk for them), so she to add fake persons to offer the same result without the need to care for them.

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You have the right to buy Gaines’ favourite fake flower at Magnolia Market

How could Gaines not sell her favorite style piece at she store? that’s why can you acquisition silk flowers at Magnolia Market. She desires Fixer Upper fans to be able to decorate your own houses the same way she decorates hers. The silk flowers begin at ripe dollars, but you can additionally buy them in mass if you want to decorate every room in one shot.

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Aside indigenous flowers, Gaines has several staples she adds to many of she homes

You’ll see flowers in every room during the large reveal, yet you’ll also see some various other things she loves, too. Gaines loves purchasing amazing architectural piece at flea markets. She stated things the come the end of old dwellings are precisely what she likes come incorporate into remodels. She likewise looks because that ornate frames and also unusual storage pieces at antique shops and also flea markets.

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“…I’m constantly looking for something you can store toys in however that’s type of cool and unique,” she claimed in one interview. Gaines likewise loves shopping because that vintage books and also knickknacks to decorate the shelves of she clients’ homes.