“Here’s what us learned: 90% the respondents were unaware that period products can flag the human body scanner.”

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If you’ve ever before been traction aside in ~ airport defense checkpoints as soon as wearing a period product, you’re no alone

Did you recognize that the Transportation defense Administration’s human body scanners can flag period products as potential threats, triggering added searches? If you didn’t, you’re no alone. Turns out, 90% of travelers we surveyed had no idea either. If you think this is unacceptable, save reading.

We an initial learned about TSA’s potentially invasive term product searches native our customers in some of our #Uterati online assistance groups.

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Us were in the procedure of surveying just how menstruation can impact travel when this question came up: Can a expression cup (or disc) it is in worn v TSA screenings?

I recently found that duration products deserve to sometimes collection off the TSA’s body scanner machines, however there’s no info around it anywhere. A TSA rep i spoke with claimed pads and pantyliners are likely to flag together anomalies in the machine, prompting uncomfortable searches…