Whenever a partner, indigenous my save or one more store, come in and get a drink I constantly give castle a partner beverage when they offer me your numbers. Part stores offer me cost-free drinks while rather just offer me a discount. What's the policy on this? no one has ever commented top top this anytime I perform it, and I usually tell them flat out lock I'm offering them a companion beverage.

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Since friend asked, this is the policy. You're licensed has been granted to a free beverage ~ above all meal Or rest breaks, and 30 minutes before and also after her shift. Any kind of other time the advantage is simply your 30% off discount.

That being said...most partners are "team players". I remained in Seattle on vacation last week and also I don't think i paid for a solitary drink other than the alcohol I had at the east olive method evenings store, due to the fact that we don't gain our discount top top alcohol. Mine discount was applied of course to the bacon wrapped dates and also truffle Mac and also cheese. The clover Cielo ns ordered in the same transaction was partner bev'ed because that me. My suggest is, it's against standard and also absolutely considered theft and grounds for termination...but it's commonly done.

Yeah, this. It is in mindful as soon as you perform this, due to the fact that if you execute it to the wrong partner (say a DM..) you will be fired because that theft, and also you can have to resolve LP and also owe the agency money because that theft.

I tell partner it just isn't precious it, just to hook someone rather up. They get all the totally free drinks they desire 30 min before, durning, and also after work. They have the right to pay because that a drink every now and then.

I wanna include to this, if a keep is hosting a meeting with partners from an additional store, or if a companion is top top their way to an additional store and they're beginning a change within 30 minutes and they're in ~ a store that's on the way, that organize store or the keep that the companion is in yet isn't going come be functioning at in ~ 30 minutes does no give any type of a companion bev.

Partner bev is just at stores you are working at, 30 min before and after your change and throughout breaks. Manager can limit the variety of partner bevs per shift. If you room at a keep for a meeting, house store or not, the save isn't forced to provide you a companion bev, however that is also at the manager's discretion (follow their example).

For the world who room telling others, don't companion bev DMs and SMs, sorry that's simply stupid. I adhered to the rules because that that, and they just gave me the look choose what the fuck you're doing, charging ME.

Wait what? Why are you providing away partner beverages? It's one point if they are actually ~ above a transition but girlfriend can't offer anyone a companion beverage if castle aren't working. This plan is abused. Girlfriend shouldn't be asking for or accepting cost-free drinks. IMO follow the policy. Ultimately you will run into someone that make a huge deal about it. Also you can acquire fired because that this.

I think the crucial thing here is to not have actually the expectation that receiving a cost-free drink because you space a partner and then getting mad when you don't. Ns agree that just because you're a partner and you go somewhere else for a drink doesn't typical you should acquire it for cost-free but when you walk in without the expectation of that happening i think it's okay. If you need to pay then pay, friend still get 30% off. Simply don't get mad because it wasn't free.

To be safe, don't usage their numbers for a partner beverage as soon as they come in. Simply use a present partners numbers who on the floor working v you.

The reality that this has actually been downvoted mirrors that this subgendergeek.org is complete of tryhard shifts and also partners desire to it is in shifts yet are too socially awkward/generally disliked to obtain promoted. They destroy the endure for the majority of normal civilization out there that work at Starbucks however are in reality normal and also don't choose charging their friends because that drinks. There's usually only one or 2 in every store.

to the tryhards the end there that charge partners (especially the partners that work in the exact same store together you) because that drinks: what is wrong with you? If a coworker pertains to your store and also is going out somewhere and also orders a $6 drink, how might you have it in you to charge them $4 for your coffee? simply make the damn thing and have castle on their way. It's called great karma.

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