If girlfriend haven"t ever discovered a weird small ailment well-known as a skin tag on her person, happy you. However if girlfriend have, you"ll understand that they have the right to be annoying and unsightly, and tricky to deal with. We"ve spoken to one expert and done some serious digging (note: google pictures is NSF-your having lunch break) to give you a at sight useful malfunction on exactly how to address them.

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This can not it is in the sexiest of posts you review today, but - one day possibly - the could end up being the many useful.


What is a skin tag?

A skin sign is a small growth ~ above the skin. Typically very small (although they have the right to sometimes it is in an customs or therefore big), they"re soft and skin-coloured, and look choose a little bit of pinched or hanging skin.

They are smooth and not hard (unlike warts) and not contagious. And, no something to it is in ashamed of. "They"re really common, around 50-60% of civilization have castle at part point" states skin expert and clinic founder Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme. "They often run in the household too."

Fun fact: the medical term is an acrochordon. I beg your pardon doesn"t assist with the sexiness.

What causes skin tags?

Sometimes, they"re unexplainable, or can occur early out to alters in hormone levels. However most of the time they are brought about by friction. Aesthetic doctor and also skin professional Sophie Shotter explains, "the skin rubbing versus skin create thickened areas, which catch collagen and blood vessels, resulting in the skin tag".

This i m going the collagen fibres, leading to them to be trapped in these little loosened pockets.

Where room they frequently found?

Due come the nature of exactly how they"re formed, they"re most regularly seen in human body folds where the most friction deserve to occur: eye lids, armpits, under the breasts, and also in the groin and neck.

Are lock anything to problem about?

The quick answer is, no. Not at all. They don"t usually reason pain or uncomfortable if left alone, and should not be mistaken through a mole. "Most skin tags are completely benign" reassures Dr Shotter, "in extremely rare circumstances are the ever precancerous or cancerous."

The main trouble they can reason is to your self-esteem if friend perceive castle to be aesthetically displeasing, or - if they"re in an uncomfortable ar - snagging.


How carry out I remove a skin tag?

"Skin tags won"t go away naturally" states Dr Ejikeme, therefore you"ll should look into choices if you desire one removed.

Your GP won"t commonly be maybe to help as it"s not a medical issue as such, so the ideal place to start is v a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor. They have the right to make quick and comfortable job-related of them.

Both Dr Ekikeme and Dr Shotter tell us they would either usage cauterisation (heat, come safely burn the off), or freeze them with Cryotherapy. Both, done fine by someone experienced choose Sophie, need to leave points smooth and scar free when healed.

Other treatments incorporate ligation (tying lock off) and excision (cutting), yet these include dangers of bleeding.

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