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Memorial day is today and also families throughout the U.S. Will be celebrate by having actually lunch or dinner together. However which restaurants are open on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day, a holiday to respect those who passed away while offer in the U.S. Military, is constantly observed on the critical Monday of May.

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The vacation originated in the years following the polite War and also was originally recognized as decoration Day, before becoming a commonwealth holiday in 1971. As a commonwealth holiday, federal services will it is in unavailable, U.S. Postal service will not supply mail, and also banks will certainly be closed.

However, private businesses, including restaurants, have the right to decide whether or not to close. Countless restaurants will remain open up on Memorial Day, and also many will be providing deals and discounts for armed forces members and also veterans.

Remember the while most restaurants will certainly be open, some might follow holiday hours and also these may vary through location. Additionally, be sure to continue to be up to day with your local COVID-19 restrictions, as part restaurants might be limiting the variety of guests or just serving guest outside, for example.

Restaurants open on Memorial Day

Applebee"s restaurants usually remain open up on Memorial Day yet they might follow lessened Sunday hours. Arby"s has tendency to continue to be open adhering to normal business hours top top Memorial Day, just closing for major holidays such together Thanksgiving and also Christmas.

Burger King restaurants are open up year-round, despite some places may nearby or operate with lessened hours on significant holidays. Chick-fil-A restaurants nearby on Sundays however will be open for Memorial Day.

Chili"s Grill & Bar will be open today, just closing top top Thanksgiving and also Christmas. If you desire to storage Memorial Day v pizza, you"re in luck, as Domino"s Pizza is likewise open today.

Dunkin" Donuts will certainly be open today, so you have the right to start her morning off v coffee. Most Jack in the Box restaurants will certainly be open up on Memorial Day but check v your local restaurant because that hours.

Fast-food restaurants like KFC and McDonald"s will be open today, but as with most fast-food chains, hours will vary by location.

Olive Garden will certainly be open, for this reason you can enjoy limitless breadsticks ~ above Memorial Day. Panera Bread will also be open, together it only closes ~ above Easter, Thanksgiving, and also Christmas Day.

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Pizza Hut"s hours will vary by location however the chain"s restaurants will normally be open up today. Red Lobster will also be open on Memorial Day—why no treat your loved ones come a seafood dinner?

If you"re feather for rapid food today, Sonic Drive-In is additionally open, as is Subway, though hours may vary by location. Taco Bell only closes ~ above Thanksgiving and Christmas, so will be open today, as will certainly Wendy"s, which supplies discounts through the WendyMail program created for VetRewards.


An difficult Whopper in ~ a citizens King restaurant on April 1, 2019 in Richmond Heights, Missouri. Citizens King is among the restaurants that will certainly be open up on Memorial Day.Michael Thomas/Getty