Rhode Island police, exhilaration on an executive, management order native the governor, are avoiding cars v out-of-state plates and asking the drivers to self-quarantine.

To alleviate the spread out of COVID-19, states are using legislation enforcement to target vehicle drivers with out-of-state plates. Currently, Rhode Island has the many sweeping policy, questioning chauffeurs with cars from outside Rhode Island and also asking them come self-quarantine because that 14 job if they get in the state. The governor, Gina Raimondo, authorize the executive order after originally only targeting brand-new York drivers.

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Singling out the empire State caused friction in between Raimondo and new York"s governor, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo had actually threatened to sue the state if the didn’t repeal the restriction. Instead, Raimondo broadened the order to the remainder of the nation.

During a briefing at the state house in Providence, Raimondo said, "To store all Rhode Islanders safe, ns signed an executive order imposing a quarantine top top all tourists from any state, by any kind of mode of transportation who are coming in Rhode Island for non-work purposes and plan come stay."

State troopers and the nationwide guard created two checkpoints follow me I-95 and two added highways entering the state. Out-of-state visitors are directed to rest stops wherein authorities inquiry them. If they call officials that they intended to continue to be in Rhode Island, they space told to share their call information and also told the officials may inspect up ~ above them to make sure they are adhering to the 14-day quarantine.

Texas and also Florida have similar positions and also are targeting says hit hardest through the pandemic. Texas has actually an executive, management order in location mandating a 14-day quarantine because that anyone driving come the state native Louisiana, while Florida is also looking in ~ those comes in from brand-new York, new Jersey, and also Connecticut; the Wall Street Journal reported the Florida police have set up checkpoints on Interstates 10 and 95 searching for out-of-state plates. Like Rhode Island, they are asking motorists to self-quarantine because that 14 days.

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