i rented a car, however didn"t want to salary a second driver fee. Mine spouse is steering the vehicle but I want to understand if I"ll be in problem if police stop me when I"m driving.

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I recognize that insurance allowance won"t pay in instance of accident but will I have other troubles if ns drive?

I"m in Miami.



You might possibly be charged v driving a car without the owner consent, but an ext importantly if you space not a precious driver then you space driving without insurance.

Driving without insurance is illegal in Florida.

You should likewise be aware that the insurance you don"t have actually doesn"t just defend you versus damaging the car. In the US, if you seriously injure who in an accident castle can and also will come after ~ you for their clinical bills, which deserve to run to hundreds of thousands the dollars. This is what her insurance covers you against (amongst various other things). Uneven you deserve to afford come pay thousands of thousands that dollars, don"t drive without insurance.

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The rental company is the only one who have the right to answer this question. Technically, you might be control a steal car.

Note, many agencies automatically allow spouses and business associates to drive a auto without being particularly authorized top top the rental agreement. You have to ask the agency around this.


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