Fullback Nikita Whitlock was one of three Giants waived/igendergeek.orgured this week. (John Munson | gendergeek.org advance Media because that gendergeek.org)

As NFL groups trim your rosters native 90 players to 53 by Saturday, most of the transactions this week will be described as "cuts." but it's not that simple.

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There are different classifications for the ways a player can be gotten rid of from the roster. The difference in between being waived and also released is the most basic.

When a non-vested player (someone with much less than 4 years of experience) it s okay cut, that is subjected to waivers, which offers every team 24 hours to insurance claim him. The player i do not care a complimentary agent if that is not asserted on waivers. When a vested veteran is reduced (released) in the preseason, the can automatically sign with any type of team.

The designation waived/igendergeek.orgured is a bit much more complicated. The Giants cut three football player this week with the waived/igendergeek.orgured designation: Fullback Nikita Whitlock (foot), tight end Matt LaCosse (knee) and tight finish Ryan Malleck (burner).

After doing some research and also speaking to league sources, below are the key points around the waived/igendergeek.orgured designation:

*Vested veterans deserve to be put directly on hurt reserve without gift exposed to waivers. This is what the Giants did v fifth-year attack lineman Byron Stingily, that was inserted on hurt reserve top top Tuesday with a concussion.

*Up till the first cut-down day, which was Tuesday, hurt non-vested players should be inserted on waivers through the waived/igendergeek.orgured designation before being inserted on igendergeek.orgured reserve. This prevents teams native stashing young football player on hurt reserve. As soon as a waived/igendergeek.orgured player gets rid of waivers, the reverts to the team's IR.

*After the an initial cut-down day, teams have the right to use the waived/igendergeek.orgured designation or they have the right to place a player directly on IR.

*NFL players receive 1/17th of their salary each week during the season. So, players on igendergeek.orgured reserve get 1/17th of your salary each week they're top top IR during the season.

But players may not obtain their complete salary when on IR since many non-vested players have split contracts. Players on split contracts will get their full salary if they're top top the 53-man roster and a lower split if they're on igendergeek.orgured reserve. For a rookie make the organization minimum, the difference would it is in 1/17th of $450,000 every week top top the active roster and 1/17th the $330,000 every week top top IR.

*After a player is waived/igendergeek.orgured, the player and the team have 5 days come agree to an igendergeek.orgury settlement. One igendergeek.orgury negotiation is designed for a team to salary the player for the moment he is supposed to miss out on with the igendergeek.orgury.

If a negotiation is reached, the player becomes a complimentary agent and can sign with another team immediately. If a negotiation is not reached, the player walk on the team's igendergeek.orgured reserve. A player ~ above IR can't it is in waived until he overcome a physical.

*In the case of a short-term igendergeek.orgury, it's generally in the ideal interest the both the team and also the player to concerned an igendergeek.orgury agreement.

With a settlement, the team can pay a lump amount to sheathe the weeks the player will miss due to igendergeek.orgury and then cut the player. If the player continues to be on the hurt reserve, the team is responsible because that paying his salary each week.

For the player, a settlement enables him to collection compensation for his igendergeek.orgury while likewise immediately seeking opportunities with other teams.

*An igendergeek.orgury negotiation doesn't automatically occur. If the player ill a long-term igendergeek.orgury, he would have small incentive to go after an igendergeek.orgury settlement. And if a player is in a team's future plans, the team would most likely keep the player on hurt reserve.

Sometimes the sides just can't with a settlement. In those cases, the player would certainly be placed on hurt reserve and also likely waived when he overcome his physical.

*In the past, teams weren't able to re-sign waived/igendergeek.orgured players till the igendergeek.orgury settlement time duration plus six additional weeks passed. But a brand-new rule denote this preseason has lessened the waiting period to the igendergeek.orgury negotiation time period plus three extr weeks before a team deserve to re-sign a played that was waived/igendergeek.orgured.

LaCosse and also Whitlock were waived/igendergeek.orgured on Monday and also have clearing waivers. They room facing prolonged absences, for this reason odds room that castle will stay on igendergeek.orgured reserve this season.

Malleck, who was waived/igendergeek.orgured top top Tuesday, cleared waivers on Wednesday afternoon. Depending on the schedule for Malleck's recory, he might be an igendergeek.orgury settlement candidate. If Malleck and the Giants with an igendergeek.orgury settlement, he could sign in other places or go back to the Giants, most likely on the exercise squad, after the negotiation and added three-week waiting duration ends.

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