You may have noticed that plane paths often tend to prevent going end the Pacific Ocean. This might seem choose a safety issue.

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After all, the Pacific is the largest and deepest that the world"s oceans. If a aircraft encounters a difficulty over it, the pilots will have actually a turbulent time finding a place to land.

So if you guessed security, fine you"re not entirely wrong. When planning a route plenty of pilots prefer to maximize the number of airports on it as a security measure.

However, the isn"t the main reason why planes avoid the Pacific Ocean. The real main reason needs to do with saving fuel and time.

After all, airplanes space a business and businesses rely on profitability. Just how does this reason work? Well, us won"t tell girlfriend that as BRIGHT SIDE does a great job of explaining the in this video.

Make certain to watch it and learn the real main reason airlines stop the Pacific Ocean.

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