2021-2022 school YearFAQ

Our FAQ was emerged based on generally asked questions from ours community.

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As the number of Pennsylvanians vaccinated increases and also COVID-19 constraints decrease, Pittsburgh Public schools looks front to the safe return of every students for five days a week in-person instruction this Fall. As we arrangement for the return to five days a week for the start of the 2021-2022 school year, us will proceed to be guided by the referrals of the CDC, state and also local health and wellness departments and will be ready to pivot and also adapt together needed.

Health and Safety Plan
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-What will certainly in-school social distancing look like?

Regular classrooms will be set up with three feet the clearance in between student chairs, where possible. Tablet armchairs, desks, and/or tables will be collection up to keep three feet the clearance between students and also teachers, and all students will challenge the exact same direction. Wherein a room has actually fixed equipment, such as in a laboratory or a shop, dividers are mounted if 3 feet that clearance can not be accommodated. Cafeteria and auditorium seating is marked to maintain social distancing. Dividers have been provided in every classroom because that one-on-one teacher-student interaction.

- Is an individual Protective Equipment available for students and also staff?

Reusable masks have been secured because that staff and also students at every school, and also disposable masks are available for both staff and students who forget their masks. Specialized masks to assistance the visual observation of the mouth are easily accessible for designated employees, and school nurses have actually beenequipped through mask/face shields, gloves and also gowns to ensure these frontline health care workers have what they should support the health and also wellness of school communities. And for employee who occupational with few of the most vulnerable students, wherein medical problems make put on a mask attention or unreasonable, the district will administer the PPE important to support students’ safely.

-If a teacher or student tests positive, walk the whole class quarantine?

As part of the District’s contact tracing process, anyone (students and staff) that may have been in close call with a positive instance will it is in personally informed and listed next steps. Close contact are people who have actually been within 6 feet for longer than 15 cumulative minutes within a 24-hour period.Per the CDC, the nearby contact an interpretation excludes students who were within 3 to 6 feet of an infected student whereby the consistent and also correct usage of masks, physical distancing, and also other K-12 prevention strategies room in place.

-Will students and also teachers be forced to wear masks every day?

Yes, teachers, staff and students period 2 or higher will stay masks when indoors. Masks might be removed as soon as eating and outdoors.

- What is the max variety of students per classroom?**

Due to the huge variety of great sizes and also configurations in the district, the max variety of students every classroom will vary.

- What will in-school social distancing look like?

Regular classrooms will certainly be collection up with three feet of clearance between student chairs, whereby possible. Tablet armchairs, desks, and/or tables will certainly be collection up to preserve three feet of clearance in between students and also teachers, and all students will challenge the same direction. Whereby a room has fixed equipment, such as in a lab or a shop, dividers are set up if 3 feet that clearance can not be accommodated. Cafeteria and also auditorium seating is marked to preserve social distancing. Dividers have actually been noted in every classroom for one-on-one teacher-student interaction.

- What is the distance in between student desks?

Due come the variety of student furniture in the district, a strict distance between desks cannot be determined. The classrooms will be collection up to maintain a three-foot clearance in between student seats.

- will cafeterias & gym space be turned right into classrooms to preserve social distancing?

Cafeterias and also gymnasiums are being preserved for food service and physical education.

-How lot input/suggestions are you obtaining from medical experts such as the Allegheny County health and wellness Department or UPMC/Allegheny health Network?

We consult with the Allegheny County wellness Dept. Because that guidance and information. We likewise consult v the college District Physician.

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-Who is default for transport from Pittsburgh windy Schools?

Pittsburgh Public institutions students and also students who attend private, parochial, and charter colleges are eligible because that transportation based upon the distance in between their home and also their assigned school. Transport eligibility is measured indigenous the nearest point where a private way or exclusive road associate the student"s residence come the nearest allude where a public road touches the institution grounds. Students in grades K-8 are eligible for transportation if lock live an ext than 1.5 miles from school, and students s in qualities 9-12 space eligible for transport if lock live an ext than 2 mile from school.

- will the District proceed to administer transportation come students that live in the City of Pittsburgh yet attend private, parochial or charter schools?

Yes. Yellow bus and also Port Authority transport will be listed to eligible students that attend private, parochial, or charter schools. All students talk yellow busses will certainly be required to stay masks.

- What is the ar doing to resolve the institution bus shortage?

The District’s transport Department proceeds to work-related to gain efficiencies in transportation solutions to address the chair gap. Tactics to minimize the seat void include:

Increasing walk zones to align through state and also Board policy;Expanding the use of harbor Authority;Implementing a three tiered bussing system;Working with neighborhood carriers to promote job opportunities; andImplementing a new transportation mechanism to optimize efficiencies and reduce bus stops, bus journey times, and also overcrowding.

Additional methods include:

Supporting newly added transportation carriers together they complete onboarding of new drivers;Transitioning additional middle institution students to port Authority wherein feasible;Finalizing new partnerships with ar stakeholders for various other transportation channels;
- Will transportation be obtainable for every students?

Pittsburgh public Schools gives transportation to every PPS, Private, Parochial, and Charter school-aged youngsters that live within the City that Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh students space transported to 190 buildings (54 PPS and also 136 non-PPS). There space 17,596 students eligible for transport for the 2021-2022 school year.

Like institution districts throughout the country, Pittsburgh public Schools need to transform its technique to carrying students to border the affect of the national school bus driver shortage, which was exacerbated because of the lack of work throughout the pandemic. The district is right now short that the about 300 bus vehicle drivers needed to attend to a present seat void of 10,996 seats.

The District"s transport Department continues to work to acquire efficiencies in transportation services to deal with the seat gap. Techniques to alleviate the seat space include:

Increasing walk area to align with state and Board policy;Expanding the use of harbor Authority;Changing school start and also end time (multi-tiered scheduling), boosting the variety of routes one driver can run before and after school;Working with regional carriers come promote job opportunities; andImplementing a new transportation mechanism to optimize efficiencies and also reduce bus stops, overcrowding, and also bus ride times.

- will students attending college on a PS-6 transfer receive transportation?

A PS-6 carry precludes transportation. However, if there is one existing path with room on the bus, her child"s principal may request to have actually your boy added.

- Why walk the district wait so long to announcement the adjust to the calendar, discovering that there to be a transportation issue?

The District has explored every avenue possible to settle the transportation difficulty that would certainly minimize the impact on the students, teachers and community.

Changes to school start time are linked to the tentative commitment with the Pittsburgh Federation the Teachers. Together it came to be clear thatthe procedure for approval that the tentative agreement would not be completed until at least August 25, the District automatically notified stakeholders the the need to change the first day of school.

- as soon as will the Board vote on the new school begin times?

The District"s three-tiered bussing system, supported through cumulative bargaining agreementwith the Pittsburgh Federation of teacher (PFT), was ratified by the PFT on respectable 23 and approved by the plank at its august 25, legislative Session.

- exactly how will transportation to school be different?

Yellow bus and Port Authority transport will be provided to students. Every students speak yellow busses and Port Authoirty will certainly be compelled to stay masks (IEP and 504 arrangement exceptions).

- will certainly there be transport to the Gifted Center?

Currently, the Districtis providingtransportation to the Gifted center the very same as it has in previous years.

- will certainly students speak yellow busses or vans be compelled to undertake masks and social distance?

Yes, all students will certainly be required to wear a mask. Accommodations because that students v IEPs or 504 plans will occur.

relax Your Seat:

The board of Directors approved mileage reimbursement to families eligible to drive their son to and from school for the 21-22 school year. Eligible households will receive communications if the district cannot carry out transportation, asking them to relax their seats. An eligible college student is a student that typically would receive yellow bus services, and the ar is can not to provide the service at this time. The mileage reimbursement rate will be $10 per day roundtrip for less than 12 miles or $20 per day roundtrip for less than 24 miles. Parents/guardians are required to administer a precious driver"s license, auto registration, and also insurance documentation v each monthly reimbursement request.

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Approximately 1,028 student will transition from yellow buses to port Authority:

6-8 great students at Pittsburgh Obama and also Sci-Tech;6-12 students at Pittsburgh Milliones6th graders in ~ Pittsburgh CAPA. Students in grades 7th and 8th right now use harbor Authority;6-8 grade students at ecological Charter School;Some students in ~ Bishop Canevin High School, Ellis, Manchester Charter School, sacred Heart, Winchester Thurston and specific Propel places for students in qualities 6-8; and6th graders at community Academy

The move does not affect students who receive committed transportation, per your IEP.