Even despite Judge Judy will certainly be leaving the air shortly, it’s for sure to say that the truth court display — along through the feisty referee at its facility — will always be for sure iconic. There’s a lot come like about Judge Judy Sheindlin, although it’s probably easier to choose her if friend aren’t staring under the barrel of among her acerbic rulings.

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They say the crime doesn’t pay, but in the instance of the litigants who show up on the show, that’s not exactly true. Since Judge Judy is a TV show, the people who appear on it gain paid to execute so. Both the plaintiff and the defendant obtain an appearance fees for your time. But is it actually worth the to gain on the show? just how much is the appearance fees on Judge Judy? Here’s what us know.

The lot of money human being receive for showing up on Judge Judy varies, probably depending on how lot time lock actually invest on display or various other factors. Part litigants have actually reported receiving $500, if others have received either $250 or also as low together $100. If judge Judy Sheindlin problems a decision of a details dollar amount, the plaintiff receives the amount in addition to your appearance fee.

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Also, while the judgments space real, the defendants don’t actually have to pay the awards. Actually, the display pays the plaintiff every little thing dollar amount referee Judy awards — despite there’s a border of $5,000. If you’re ever going to be on Judge Judy, you want to be a plaintiff, but being the defendant isn’t so poor from a gaue won standpoint (as long as you have the right to handle referee Judy being mad in ~ you). Also the spectators get paid, although they’re only making minimum wage.

In enhancement to receiving one appearance fees (and a financial award if referee Judy rule in their favor), human being on the present also obtain a $35 every diem for every job they’re in city for taping, add to the display covers your airfare and also hotel prices for their stay. Generally, litigants continue to be in Hollywood, Calif. For two or 3 days and also don’t need to worry about paying for anything the whole time. Not negative for a couple of days of “work,” right?

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