Showrunner Steve Molaro and star Johnny Galecki talk through THR about crafting the perfect vows, exactly how Sheldon will take care of a change in living arrangements and more.

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The large Bang Theory, “The Matrimonial Momentum.”>

Following eight seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) officially tied the knot during Monday’s season-nine premiere the CBS’ The big Bang Theory. However the happily ever before after doesn’t quite gain off come a great start.

While penny did her ideal to overlook the fact that Leonard had actually kissed an additional girl 2 years back while he to be on his north Sea expedition, she to be unable to gain past it and thought the the girl — who, it transforms out, functions at the university with Leonard. The fact that Leonard sees Mandy (Melissa Tang)regularly additionally doesn’t sit well with Penny, and their wedding night is ruined. The duo head house to Pasadena, whereby they invest their an initial night as husband and wife in their corresponding apartments. (Also not helping problem is Sheldon confirming the Mandy is “brilliant and also attractive.”)

Sheldon (Jim Parsons), meanwhile, can’t offer Amy (Mayim Bialik) the room she needs and also winds up pushing she to the brink of finalizing their breakup. He turns to his mother in Texas because that support and also viewers find out that the ring he had actually planned to give Amy as soon as he propose belongs come his great-grandmother, depicting that, in his very own way, he yes, really does care.

Here, The Hollywood Reporter chats v leading male Galecki and also showrunner Steve Molaro about the wedding, the hit and, yes, the Roommate agreement that may or may not save the newlyweds native officially moving in together.


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The wedding has been eight periods in the making. What was being on set for the scene like?

Molaro: It to be great. It’s a rocky episode for them however I wanted to make sure that the yes, really wedding minute was satisfying, sweet and lovely, which i think that was. Us were all pretty happy with just how it turned out — particularly with Penny’s vows. Kaley go a good job with them. Ns was so excited around that scene and also she come through and also more.

Galecki: It to be emotional. Ns love both of this characters, together Kaley does, and also we’re very protective the them. We’re their greatest fans and also we’ve to be rooting because that them for a long time and also it was time to traction the trigger after talking around it for so long.

When you very first heard that Leonard and also Penny were in reality going come go with with it, to be you surprised?

Galecki: No, i wasn’t surprised. Us talked about it that they may or might not take the step. What we didn’t desire to execute was play up the will-they-or-won’t-they any kind of longer. That wasn’t in the audience’s finest interest. The audience desires to see them married. However just due to the fact that they have actually rings on your fingers doesn’t median that it’s resolved every partnership problem. Marital relationship doesn’t answer every the questions and also doesn’t fix all the problems. For this reason there will be lot of ahead v this commitment that they share. There’s very little comedy in every little thing working the end well (laughs), so we’ll check out what happens in the future. Yet we didn’t desire to dangle the marriage carrot end the audience’s head any kind of longer.

Will over there be any type of sort of formal reception?

Molaro: There space no plans as of yet. The males all acquired to see it ~ above the Internet and that’s great enough because that now. I feel favor an actual wedding happened.

How will Penny’s father, Wyatt (Keith Carradine), respond to Leonard as a son-in-law? What type of fatherly advice could he have for Penny?

Molaro: We watch him again in the third episode and we’ll watch Penny speak to him and also let she father recognize what’s going on there. Leonard doesn’t cross courses with Penny’s dad in this episode, yet we’d love to have actually him back down the line. The vibe between Wyatt and Leonard is fantastic. The marriage is every so brand-new to him; we don’t dig as well much right into fatherly advice yet. You’ll have to see exactly how it all plays out.

What about Leonard’s mother? will she have any non-therapist advice for she son?

Molaro: We don’t take place to check out that occur on the show. I’m sure it happened but I don’t know exactly what happened.

Will penny legally adjust her critical name? will we find out what she maiden name was?

Molaro: I expect not! I’m still afraid to recognize what it is! (Laughs.) We’ve made it so far without knowing, ns think we need to go every the way to the end. She has taken his name and maybe that’s practically so we don’t have to address her maiden name, but she is coin Hofstadter now.

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Leonard’s vow are really special and also include a nod come the template song. What got in writing those?

Molaro: We wrote it together a team in the room. It’s funny, the audience giggled a tiny bit the very first time castle heard them because they thought, maybe, they to be going to it is in goofier 보다 they were, yet then an extremely quickly, they recorded up and realized it was beautiful. We talked about it and wanted his vow to be very Leonard-like and sweet and also evoke some kind of science and Penny’s vow to be off the cuff. We had actually the idea for she quoting the Toy Story song for a while. We had actually that component before us knew what Leonard’s vows were going come be.

Galecki: I was glad castle were written on a card i was hold in the scene since I was an extremely emotional! that was really much in ~ Leonard’s language. I’ve constantly loved those episodes where she could not be able to relate and certainly doesn’t have the exact same passion because that physics that Leonard has yet she loves his passion for it and that’s appeal to her. It was nice to hear the live audience giggle once he launched right into his vows being physics heavy and then finishing in a really emotional and also honest, genuine place.

What do Toy Story‘s “You’ve acquired a friend in Me” right?

Molaro: It appeared to be the ideal blend the silly and fun and something she could believably pull the end of her head at the last 2nd that also when it was done gift silly, actually did typical a lot come him. She to know him and knows that Toy Story is among his favourite movies. So while the indigenous aren’t precisely the most romantic, the sentiment of all the it is.

Galecki: That’s to be something the writers have delighted in a few times. In the first episode we debated Leonard’s love for Toy Story. There’s also a funeral scene as soon as Bob Newhart‘s character passed.

Will either Leonard or penny have any type of regrets about eloping? especially given the nature the what lock come house to?

Molaro: They come earlier and there’s certainly some level of remorse in that walk up the stairs. They’re more worried that they’re not sure exactly how to settle it. Ns don’t recognize if it’s remorse yet. They’re still positive it can be fixed, they’re simply not sure how. I’m constantly hopeful for Leonard and Penny, without a doubt — and also for all of them. I want all 7 of them in this civilization to be OK.

Galecki: I was surprised the whole group wasn’t there. We’d excellent that with Howard and Bernadette’s wedding, for this reason I know why the writers made decision to make it different. Yet at this suggest in Leonard and Penny’s relationship, it’s just let’s take the plunge already. In true Leonard form, he to be a tiny too honest . Leonard can fit a whole boot in his mouth most of the time and also he was moral with her in a way that I discover equally admirable and also idiotic. He’s happy she’s still speaking to him, together he should be!

The fact that Leonard is taking obligation for this fight reflects a many of growth for the character. It’s a very grown-up thing to say.

Molaro: It could have every been avoided. It’s quite to acquire to check out all these characters continue to grow and attend to life and also what it has in save for them.

Galecki: When you gain a function you love you desire to run through it. Early on, Chuck Lorre always said, “Let’s be patient. We understand your enthusiasm for this duty and you want to evolve the character however these males evolve slowly, think that molasses in regards to evolving.” There have actually been moments whereby if we didn’t tires the personalities — like when Leonard told penny he remained in love v her and she didn’t return the emotion — that changes a person. It would certainly be irresponsible to not then adjust the character a bit. There are those methods to execute so. Taking accountability is a huge step for anybody and it’s frequently not easy.

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Now the Leonard and Penny space married, exactly how will they tackle the Mandy flap? Leonard didn’t intend to invest his wedding night v Sheldon.

Molaro: I perform feel in which method in the paper definition of this show, Leonard should be with Sheldon because that some reason on his wedding night. It seemed oddly OK to me — and the method it need to be. (Laughs.) yet moving forward, we’re flying ideal to the face of the in the 2nd episode in meeting Mandy and Leonard working difficult to try and put this behind them.

How awkward will certainly Leonard’s and Penny’s communication with Mandy be?Molaro: That to be news come Penny. It’s pretty awkward, it’s not well advised that he talk to her. However he feels that he doesn’t have many alternatives left. So he’s really grasping at straws. Ultimately, through or without Mandy in the picture, this will certainly come down to Leonard and also Penny and is your relationship strong enough to acquire past a thing favor this or not. In the end, it will come down to them and also them figuring it the end on their own. Yet I think there’s a good chance.

Galecki: There’s part of me that’s to be on the fence about this situation and you shot not to ever before judge her character but when you’re therefore close come him, it’s hard not to. There room moments once I desire to protect Leonard. They were not with each other at the time and it was a kiss. That was influenced chemicals! (Laughs.) that can absolutely be worse! at the very same time, that Penny is hurt over the totality thing, it’s tough to not judge the harshly. As far as Mandy, Leonard is doing his ideal to rectify what he’s tarnished and is walk to put his head top top the chopping block because that Penny because that the relationship.

Now the they’re married, exactly how do girlfriend think things will change, overall, for Leonard and also Penny?

Molaro: The greatest hurdle ~ Mandy is to tackle life arrangements. Sheldon is clear a large part the that and now that they’re married, what happens following is looming.

Galecki: I’m not sure. I’ve never been married. Component of our job is to host a mirror up to the audience and be frank and honest and share our human flaws that us all have. There’s a the majority of hardship ahead.


How huge of a function will the Roommate covenant come into play in every this? Sheldon can’t it is in happy around this. That hates readjust and this is a large one.

Molaro: A lot. The Roommate covenant will it is in around and also out and on the table and also being debated in the 4th episode. Sheldon is not happy around a many things that space going on in his life right now. Yet he’s act his ideal to try and organize it together and get previous it all: Rise over it or resolve it. It’s a the majority of weird things that he knows he’s a clever guy and he’s supplied to being able to apply logic and science come figuring points out and none that that appears to be working for him this days.

Galecki: It’ll be slow in figuring the end , both within the story and outside the the story. That’s always been the biggest question mark when we’ve talked about Leonard and Penny getting married: What happens to the 2 boys? yet at the exact same point, this deep into season nine, they usually all live together; there simply happens to be a hallway in between their two apartment doors so ns don’t understand that that much will change immediately.

Sheldon isn’t ready to live by self yet — particularly in the wake up of his separation with Amy. But at the very same time, Howard and also Bernadette have actually this male — Stuart (Kevin Sussman) — who they can’t gain rid of.…

Molaro: Sheldon is really fragile ideal now. Leonard and also Penny — and Wolowitz and also Bernadette — both have actually these men in their stays (laughs), i m sorry is a pretty funny parallel that’s walking on right now. We placed all the stuff down and episode 3 is quite light-hearted and is a belated bachelor party. And also then us go right into working ~ above tackling the life arrangements.

If you were going to pick Sheldon’s following roommate, that would girlfriend pick?

Galecki: Stuart is key perfect! I’m a huge fan of his and also I want him in every episode. Because all the guys now room in relationships, we gain to have actually Kevin on much more to stand for the bachelor character. We certainly can’t have actually those joke anymore, the audience cares also much around the relationships of Howard and Bernadette, because that example, so Howard can’t have those risque lines of dialogue and also they’re as well protective of your relationship.

The critical time Sheldon was in this kind of situation, he left city on a train. How poor will his freak-out be, comparatively speaking?

Molaro: A freak-out is looming. There’s a kind of departure — despite it’s not physical. It’s vaguely based over time travel. (Laughs.) I’ll leave you through that!

Are you any closer come bringing Bob Newhart’s Professor Proton back?

Molaro: We’d love to however there room no concrete plans. He knows he’s welcome here. If we deserve to come up v a plan that works through his schedule, we’d love to do it happen. However there’s naught on the publications yet.

Sheldon demands Leonard an ext now than ever given his break-up with Amy. Just how will he it is in a variable as Leonard and Penny look at to start life together as newlyweds?

Molaro: Sheldon is taking care of a lot of emotions and also they fluctuate all day long in between sad and also lonely come angry and also hurt to jealous. He’s no doing a good job of regulating them. It’s walk to it is in a fascinating trip to clock him be on, yet it’s a good one because that him and for Leonard and also Penny together people. If Penny and Leonard are eventually going to do it work, something like this will aid them, together a couple, be more powerful if they deserve to weather that now.

This is really Sheldon’s and also Amy’s very first huge fight. Must they find their method back together, could make-up coitus be miscellaneous you’ve to be considering?

Molaro: They room so much away native repairing it, it’s too quickly for me to also think around that part. Yet there’s constantly that dangling sex-related issue between them, for this reason if lock do manage to gain through this, that’s not going to go away.

Will Amy explore being solitary or is she yes, really going to skinny on she friends?

Molaro: Amy is certainly going to skinny on anyone in the first several episodes. She’s no in a rush; she wasn’t feather to it is in with another person — she just wanted to figure out what she’s doing and also if a complete life of Sheldon is exactly what’s appropriate for her. Other men aren’t really on the instant horizon for her.


What around for Sheldon, will he shot and make Amy jealousy by dating other people?

Molaro: He may shot to yet that’s all it is for him appropriate now: simply trying to make her jealous or do anything to get her to have a feeling or miss out on him. It’s every up for grabs for him, what ever could possibly do this stop and let it go earlier to what it was — that’s all he’s interested in.

The ring was his great-grandmother’s. Will we learn much more about the conversation between Sheldon and also his mom that caused him getting the ring? That’s a vast leap for that character.

Molaro: We don’t know specifically what happened there. She might have said, “I’ve obtained your great-grandmother’s ring, I want to send it to you.” I’m no sure how that conversation walk down, whether Sheldon asked for it or if she just provided it to him and also that’s what put the think in his head. Either way, he had actually been thinking around it. Under the line, the ring certainly is a fixture. It’s in the apartment and also things will take place with it.

Any upgrade on storylines for Raj as well as Howard and Bernadette?

Molaro: There are many fun small storylines walk on because that Howard, Bernadette and Raj, however nothing causing vast shifts.

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What did friend think the the Big Bang concept wedding? Sound turn off in the comment below. Big Bang airs Mondays top top CBS.

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