Botched shows Dr. Terry Dubrow and also Dr. Paul Nassif take it on patients that have had actually their plastic surgical procedure go horrible wrong. The display is obviously about medical journeys the can conveniently lead to high bills. But does the show foot the invoice for the plastic surgical procedure on the show? here is everything you need to know about whether the display pays the patients, and what happens as soon as the surgeons can’t operate.

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Every patient gets paid because that filming Botched and also they put that toward the doctor’s fee


Terry Dubrow top top Botched | E!

The reality present is like numerous others in the they carry out pay world to show up on the show. But it seems favor the world who show up on Botched don’t generally walk far with all of their money due to the fact that it goes towards the doctor’s fee, according to terry Dubrow. The told Allure, “we have actually to get paid to carry out the surgery. For four days a mainly we do something because that the show.”

Dubrow additionally doesn’t shy far from the money facet of plastic surgery. That’s part of the reason there space so many patients who end up ~ above Botched. “Unfortunately, plastic surgery is a business,” Dubrow said Zwivel. “You enter a typical plastic surgeon’s office asking for a procedure and he’s going come say ‘yeah, let’s execute it,’ since he demands to pay his overhead.”

He has actually said that he has actually turned down patients in the past. A most them include people who are under the age of 21, or if the potential patient has currently had a the majority of work done. That last keep in mind is exciting given the spreading call for Botched include patients that have had actually a lot of work done.

The casting call reads, “Have you had actually a botched plastic surgery? carry out you dislike your outcomes after going under the knife? have you gone too excessive or had actually too much done and now hate your look? have you had multiple cosmetic actions in quest of ultimate perfection? If you are unhappy with your outcomes we want to hear from you.” You also have to be at the very least 18 year old come apply.

It isn’t basic to get actors on the show

Although the casting call leaves points pretty open, it’s not simple to acquire on the show. According to Allure, there were as countless as 6,000 applicants because that Season 2 but only 46 patients made the on the show. The present has likewise included world who have actually been denied surgery for a specific reason.

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“There space a lot of cases on the show where we bring in people and say, ‘That’s no fixable, but let’s wait their stories as a cautionary tale,"” explained Paul Nassif stated according to The day-to-day Beast. The one upside because that those situations is the they are also paid for showing up on the show, however probably walk away with much more money because they room only acquiring a consultation and also not surgery.

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