When The Office Season 3 presented the love triangle in between Karen Filippelli (Rashida Jones), Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), and also Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer), fans to be outraged. Anyone rooted for Pam and Jim to acquire together due to the fact that the series debut in 2005. But just as soon as viewers thought the couple’s unrequited love would turn right into mutual love, Jim started dating Karen. Now, end a decade after the storyline unfolded, part Office fans have actually realized Karen might not have actually been the problem. Then recently, Jones opened up up about the triangle in between Jim, Pam, and also Karen.

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What occurred to Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, and Karen Filippelli in ‘The Office’ Season 3?

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As mentioned, The Office viewers wanted Jim and Pam to acquire together due to the fact that the beginning of the series. Everyone might tell exactly how much Jim cared because that his co-worker. He also confessed and also kissed Pam in the second season finale. However when Pam decided to stay with Roy Anderson (David Denman), Jim left Scranton for Stamford and also met Karen.

In The Office Season 3, the Stamford and Scranton branches the Dunder Mifflin merged, which meant Jim and Pam would reunite. But by then, it was too late, as Jim began something v Karen. Even so, Jim no tell Karen about his background with Pam. He likewise didn’t phone call Pam that was dating Karen. Despite both ladies figured it out eventually.

Jenna Fischer says she’s to be siding with Karen Filippelli while re-watching ‘The Office’

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Of course, The Office fans understand Jim and Pam ended up together. Meanwhile, Karen left the Scranton because that Utica. The said, Karen acquired a lot of heat at the moment for was standing in the means of the couple’s happiness. Back in 2013, Jones even admitted she feel a many stress when she picked up the role.

“I had anxiety and also insomnia for the 3 weeks prior to my season aired,” Jones told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was sure human being would come and egg my house for getting in between Pam and also Jim.”

Now, together Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) recap the NBC drama for your Office Ladies podcast, both actors have been siding with Karen over “wishy-washy” Jim. Then when Jones stopped by to talk about “Benihana Christmas,” Fischer described why.

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“I think what I’ve uncovered in the re-watch is the I’m siding more with ,” Fischer called Jones. “I’m having sympathy because that her. Of course, I desire Jim and also Pam to end up together. Yet at the very same time … I’m simply like, ‘This poor woman! She just loves him and also she to know nothing!’ so it’s making me really much side v your character, and I’m Pam.”

Meanwhile, Jones stated this has been a revelation among The Office fans in recent years.


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“There’s this meme for youngsters who flourished up watching The Office it is like, ‘That feeling once you realized the the just reason girlfriend hated Karen was that you want Pam and Jim to be together. And you realize the she go nothing wrong,’” Jones said. “That’s a thing now, i m sorry is sort of cool.”

She continued, “It’s giving this possibility to see civilization in a an ext nuanced way for children who flourished up like, ‘That’s the enemy and that’s the human being that I want to be together.’ currently they’re like, ‘Wait a second. She’s not that bad.’”

Rashida Jones describes the Pam Beesly, Jim Halpert, and Karen Filippelli love triangle on ‘The Office’

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While The Office fans might be establish their former hatred that Karen to be unwarranted, Jones noted her character’s love triangle with Jim and Pam was purposely controversial.

“Karen is design to be the third point in the triangle, which to be designed to be a thing to make people feel choose they want Pam and Jim to be attracted closer together,” she said. “I was sort of a device in the way.”

The actor additionally revealed just how The Office writers created wishy-washy Jim in the 3rd season.

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“I remember the authors talking about it,” Jones said. “They didn’t want to press anything too far in every direction. Yet yes, ns think that the end result is the Jim end up being not great to me and not an excellent to you. He’s not really being honest with anybody.”

But even so, Jones admitted Jim’s behavior toward Pam and Karen would certainly be irritating.

“I guess: v you could chalk it approximately his confusion about what the wants,” she said. “But ns agree through you, it’s irritating. Ns think it would certainly be at sight annoying.”