The Atlantic Hurricane season wake up yearly native June 1 through November 30. In the occasion of a significant hurricane impacting the city of new Orleans, RTA partners v NOLA Ready and also the City of brand-new Orleans to help in evacuating citizens who can not safely execute so on their own.

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2021 RTA Hurricane Preparedness Guide

The 2021 Hurricane Preparedness overview has beneficial info on just how to prepare for the hurricane season. Pick one up on her bus, streetcar, ferry, or Paratransit vehicleor click to view below.

Hurricane Season and also COVID-19

With the the COVID-19 pandemic, that is vital to practice social distancing, wear face coverings when in near proximity to others, and pack hand sanitizer to her preparedness kit.

City-Assisted Evacuation

The City of new Orleans has occurred the City-Assisted Evacuation setup (CAEP) to help people who cannot evacuate on their own.

To check out the main CAEP brochure, click here(Spanish and also Vietnamese).

Evacuating during a City-Assisted Evacuation

Sign up because that City-Assisted Evacuation

For details on exactly how to sign up for the City-Assisted Evacuation Plan, text NOLAREADYto 77295.

Need special assistance?

For info on unique assistance during a City-Assisted Evacuation, speak to 311 or click here.

What's one Evacuspot?

During a City-Assisted Evacuation, you can use an Evacuspot to capture a ride come the Smoothie King Center. Native here, you will be transported out of the city. Evacuspots are in miscellaneous locations approximately the new Orleans area, and arerepresented by a large, steel statue the a waving man. Listed below is a digital map reflecting the places of Evacuspots.

A couple of Evacuspots room specifically designated for an elderly citizens and also others who need special assistance during an evacuation.Please note that Evacuspots space not general bus stops. They are utilized only throughout a causing obligation evacuation to evacuateresidents come the Smoothie King Center.

City-Assisted Evacuation Timeline

54 Hours prior to the Storm

Residents space picked increase from Evacuspots and taken to the Smoothie King Center.

48 Hours prior to the Storm

The State that Louisiana starts to evacuate inhabitants from seaside regions. RTA business is diminished to assist with evacuation.

12 Hours before the Storm

Airport turn off down. Final preparations for the storm take it place. RTA business is suspended.

Storm Reaches brand-new Orleans Areas

Tropical storm winds begin. Hurricane will make landfall within 12 hours.

RTA's role during an Evacuation

When a hurricane threatens brand-new Orleans, the RTA start its procedure of shutting under service and securing that vehicles and also facilities. There is no strictly timeline outlining when services stop, since we do adjustments follow to the hurricane’s path, strength, speed, and also predicted time the landfall.

During an evacuation, the RTA assists the City of brand-new Orleans by doing the following:

Puttingall accessible vehicles, drivers, and also other resources right into use in stimulate to help the City through its evacuation plan.

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Transport evacuees from designated pick-up points come the the Smoothie King Center.

Stay Connected

The RTA encourages the brand-new Orleans ar to remain alert and be prepared. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated. Additionally, we recommend complying with the City of new Orleans and also these organizations: