We speak to professionals to uncover out even if it is neck gaiters room effective against Covid, and also rounded up part top-rated choices based on their advice.

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While neck gaiters room not the many effective confront coverings, experts say they have the right to be offered in a pinch in outdoor setups — and also they're better than no extending at all.Getty photos ; Amazon ; Under Armour
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Though the U.S. Federal government has completed its goal of administering at the very least one sheep of the Covid vaccine to 70 percent that American adults, the delta variant proceeds to wreak havoc throughout the country. As a result, the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) is currently recommending indoor mask use in areas with high infection rates, and major cities like brand-new York are beginning to require proof of inoculation for at home activities.

With mask mandates ago in place, many human being are looking for brand-new ways come stay protected as they take into consideration returning to the office, getting ago to school and traveling. One type of mask on the industry is a neck gaiter, which is worn about the neck — historically for warmth, but more recently because that protection against Covid. Yet just how reliable is a gaiter compared to the other varieties of challenge masks the end there? us spoke to doctors and health specialists to learn much more about what a gaiter is and also when you must be put on one (if ever), plus rounded increase some choices based on expert advice and CDC guidelines.


Are neck gaiters effective?

The CDC states that neck gaiters space an acceptable form of challenge mask so lengthy as they have at least two class or space folded right into two layers. The major takeaway is that “more 보다 one layer” is essential, listed Lisa Thanjan, MD, a public health physician on the Virginia department of Health’s Covid-19 health and wellness Information Team.

In our guide to KN95 confront masks, Nina Shapiro, MD, professor that head and neck surgical treatment at the UCLA David Geffen school of Medicine, told united state that KN95 masks space usually more protective against Covid than gaiters. And also the research study backs this up: The CDC and the national Institute for occupational Safety and also Health (NIOSH) studied the efficacy of assorted masks ~ above the market and also found that while a N95 mask (the U.S. Equivalent of a KN95 mask) clogged 99 percent of small aerosol particles, a polyester neck gaiter clogged 47 percent as a solitary layer and also 60 percent once folded into two layers.

I would most likely not encourage use of the gaiters, especially with the delta variant going around.

Michael Urban, OTD, Director, Doctorate of work Therapy program, university of new Haven

Though neck gaiters room less efficient than KN95 and N95 masks, the study concluded that they space able come “significantly” block Covid particles from beginning the environment. Still, though, Michael Urban, OTD, an elderly lecturer and also director of the Doctorate of work Therapy regime at the college of brand-new Haven, doesn’t recommend them together an everyday confront mask, specifically if you’re walk to be indoors for a long duration of time.

“I would more than likely not encourage use of the gaiters, especially with the delta different going around,” that said. However, neck gaiters deserve to offer security “in a pinch” if you going because that a walk outside in a much more crowded area, city noted. He’s additionally seen few of his students usage them on height of CDC-approved masks when they have actually a many facial hair, together a beard have the right to make that more complicated for a mask come fit properly.

Thanjan also listed that neck gaiters have some distinct benefits because that both the warmer and also colder months many thanks to the means they"re designed. "Gaiters that carry out cooling properties may be useful to people who spend a lot of time out in the heat and some can also administer UV protection," she explained. "Other gaiters can carry out the advantage of added warmth in the winter months." Ultimately, she said, "wearing a challenge covering is far better than no mask at all."

If you execute decide to wear a neck gaiter, every one of the experts we speak to emphasized the prestige of either trying to find one v two or three layers or folding ones v a single layer. Jin Pan, a graduate college student at Virginia Tech, learned the potency of two-layer gaiters and folded single-layer gaiters. He uncovered that both were rather effective versus different sized aerosol droplets: The double-layer gaiter blocked around 50 percent that 1-micron particles, if the folded single-layer gaiter blocked much more than 90 percent. (Though the actual Covid-19 virus bit is around 0.1 microns in size, it’s always bonded to something larger, prefer a 1-micron water droplet.)

Thanjan also said that it"s essential to pay fist to the "tightness that the weave." She stated the Virginia room of health recommends stop the gaiter approximately a "bright irradiate source" and making certain the light doesn"t seep through. If the does, the towel is as well thin to offer as ideal protection.


Top-rated neck gaiters

If you’re trying to find a neck gaiter, us compiled some highly rated options that accomplish the guidance of experts and also align v CDC recommendations.

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3-Layer Neck Gaiter challenge Mask

This polyester neck gaiter has actually three layers: two brushed polyester ones, and also one composed of a washable and reusable MN 92 polypropylene filter. (On its website, the CDC proposal masks through inner filter pockets to avoid the spread out of Covid.) according to the seller, the filter was shown in a lab to have a 92 percent particulate filtration efficiency. Additionally, the mask has actually a sleep wire for a an ext secure fit and an adjustable sizing strap.