It’s no secret that we live in a culture where men with muscle are frequently seen as much more physically desirable. A well-shaped, toned and fit bod gives definition to eye candy and also it may simply be the ultimate symbol of self-discipline. But to what degree of muscularity execute women uncover most attractive? What if much more women on median actually favor the skinny watch instead, or perform they secretly admire the brawny musclehead?

To acquire to the bottom of this, us surveyed 1000 women and asked castle if they preferred muscular men.

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The Poll

Women were shown digitally rendered pictures of four men v physiques ranging from skinny to built, and asked a couple of questions based on these human body types.

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So, what did ladies prefer?

44.3% the women claimed they desired men who were considered to it is in “athletic”35.1% of women claimed they preferred men that were considered to it is in “lean”16.4% of women said they desired men who were thought about to be “built”4.2% of women stated they preferred men who were thought about to it is in “skinny”

Considering these results, we can concerned the complying with conclusions:

The majority of ladies polled prefer guys who space either “athletic” or “lean”The majority of females did not discover men that are considered “built/brawny” come be together attractive as men who are “athletic” or “lean”They additionally did not find men who space “skinny” attractive or as attractive when contrasted to the other more muscular human body types

The outcomes from the survey were really not all the surprising. As a society, we’ve sort of welcomed that a large percentage of the female population does often tend to have a choice for males with muscles. Yet to answer the question of exactly how muscular… Well, according to the poll, a kind amount the muscle tone but not also much.

Hence why the athletic and lean species received the greatest percentage that votes throughout all period groups. And also based ~ above the responses, many women choose the built/brawny look over the thin physique.