A website which creates sensational false “news” reports has actually targeted Latter-day Saints when again. A brand-new article insurance claims a BYU historian, Abraham Jones, believes that Jesus had 12 wives.

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World News day-to-day Report creates stories so astounding the a variety of people are always eager to share them. They revolve up top top your on facebook page, and then after ~ you recover from your lapse right into shaken faith syndrome, you need to inform your friends the they are not real. Still, the false info gets stored in those areas of your brain reserved because that facts with shock value.

No Professor Abraham Jones exist at BYU, and the room of Archaeology and also Ethnology that he supposedly functions at does not exist.

LDS.net report on one story from WNDR in June 2015, as soon as Hadley Ana Sanchez outed the digital publication because that their claim that the yellow plates indigenous which the publication of Mormon to be translated had actually been found. After the reader (especially a Mormon one) would certainly calm down, that would find the post to be very suspect if unflattering to the Church.

Jesus had 12 Wives?

“Professor Jones” is quote again in an write-up published through WNDR on in march 16, 2016, claiming Mormon scholars’ findings not only that Jesus to be married, yet was polygamous, too. The write-up claims Professor Jones released a publication titled The family Life the Jesus Christ, which additionally does no exist.

Anyone visiting the WNDR news site requirements to review the digital magazine’s carefully hidden disclaimer:

“Information had in this people News daily Report website is because that information and also entertainment objectives only. . . . In factor to consider for using this website, the visitant agrees to host WNDR . . . Harmless versus any insurance claims for loss or costs or any loss of any kind of kind developing out that the access to or use of this website or any information consisted of in or acquired through this website.” 

Do Mormons Think Jesus was Married?

Could Jesus have married Mary and Martha?

The main answer to this concern is “No.” Mormon prophets space privy to revelation indigenous Christ in stimulate to guide the Church, and build the kingdom of God on earth. Often, the info they obtain to fit these purposes does not incorporate a complete list that “how-to’s” or historical or background information they could desire.

When prophets don’t have complete information, castle ruminate top top what they have received, as with we do. Therefore, lock are totally free to speculate, similar to we room wont to do. Such to be the situation when Joseph smith (as videotaped in Doctrine and also Covenants 130:15) to be told the if he live to be 85 year old, he would view the challenge of the Lord. Having actually been told no more, Joseph tried to speculate on how that would occur.

Since eternal marriage is among the ordinances forced to achieve exaltation, numerous Latter-day Saints execute indeed think that Jesus Christ was married. The holy bible is quiet on the subject. Orson Hyde thought Jesus may have been the bridegroom at the wedding in Cana. Joseph Fielding smith felt the Jesus to be married, but that the idea have to not be preached.

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However, Dale Bills, spokesman because that the Church in 2006 stated, “the belief that Christ to be married has actually never been official church doctrine. The is no sanctioned nor taught by the church. While it is true the a couple of church leaders in the mid-1800s expressed your opinions top top the matter, it was not then, and also is no now, church doctrine.”

What about you? perform you think Jesus was married?


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