Metal detectors are tools that allow us to uncover metals effectively, yet they also can discover other facets that room not ferrous. If at any type of time you have actually doubts around what a steel detector can identify and also what not and amongst them is aluminum, this write-up will clarify every the doubts.

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This time us will describe why a metal detector does detect aluminum and why it regularly interferes through you as soon as you room finding treasures.


The first thing is come understand exactly how the metal detector works. These tools are not just composed that pieces capable of perceiving the magnetic ar of one element. Many thanks to the configuration of the coils, lock can likewise detect the high conductivity the non-ferrous components, consisting of gold and aluminum, because that this reason, detectors deserve to identify it.

 If you desire to know more about just how metal detectors work, you have the right to read our short article that explains How do steel detectors work.

HOW perform I set UP MY metal DETECTOR TO discover ALUMINUM?

It is necessary to know what the construction of the metal detector is. Most are designed come detect different species of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous metals in addition to stainless steel.

Of these 3 categories, stainless steel has a minimum conductivity because it has different levels the sensitivity since it is a metal including an alloy. As for ferrous materials, they space the simplest to find due to the fact that they have actors iron in their construction, and their conductivity is high. However they have little value because air and water rust much more easily.

Finally, non-ferrous materials, which space the most sought after by amateurs for their value, room those that absence magnetic properties but have configurations and also with a varied conductivity, and it is feasible to find them.

Once the detector is configured follow to the indicated material, you have to use the individual search modes and also a high frequency to find the aluminum.


Not all steel detectors space designed to uncover aluminum. The all relies on the attributes of the equipment and also how the is configured. In general, numerous metal detectors have the role of differentiate of metals and also what is thought about garbage. Since it is widespread to discover aluminum cans, lids, and also sheets with this material, that is not what we room looking for. Therefore, most metal detectors have actually the option of remove them native the search. But if you intended to find aluminum, you can leave this alternative aside and also make the most of it.

Aluminum is an aspect that is found in huge quantities in nature and also the neighboring area as soon as you search; the is widespread to uncover parts and also components made of it. That is additionally a false myth the aluminum blocks or avoids perfect scanning in metal detectors due to the fact that it is straightforward to find because of its conductivity.

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