Think of all the jobs you"ve had in your life — did girlfriend get together with all your co-workers? chances are, you didn"t, and also that"s okay. Actually, it"s normal. According to a 2008 study released under the location "Workplace Conflict and How Businesses deserve to Harness It come Thrive," a lining 85 percent that employees resolve some type of rectal conflict, and also 49 percent of workplace problem is straight related to personality differences and also what researchers call "warring egos."

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It should be no surprise, then, to learn that the drama bordering Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa"s relationship, and also Strahan"s subsequent exit from Live with Kelly and Michael, was likely sensationalized because it played out on ours TV screens.

In reality, however, it was merely not the ideal fit for the previous NFL star. In an exclude, interview v The brand-new York Times, Strahan candidly revealed, "When it was time to go, it to be time to go. Specific things that were walking on behind the scene just captured up." walk that typical there wasn"t conflict in between the co-hosts? Strahan doesn"t deny that there was stress and anxiety there, yet he does point to the fact that the job may not have actually been what he believed it was going to be once he signed on. Strahan revealed, "I"ve had actually jobs wherein I got there and also felt like: Wow, ns didn"t know I was supposed to it is in a sidekick." once pressed around if he was talking around his time on Live, the existing GMA host laughingly replied, "It to be an experience!"

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When Michael Strahan"s actual leave was announced earlier in 2016, Kelly Ripa abruptly took a job off, and rumors started swirling about the former Giant blindsiding his co-host with his hasty decision to leave. In reality, though, it to be the mishandling that the situation by network executives that caused the bulk of the drama. In the weeks the followed, alphabet CEO Ben Sherwood admitted come The Hollywood Reporter the the network "made part mistakes" when managing Strahan"s exit from the show, however the damage had already been done. As Strahan described to People, "The most disappointing thing to me to be that ns was painted as the bad guy, because I value the way I carry myself. I don"t want human being to see me together "Oh, he just ran out, just left them there." That"s just not true."

Regardless that their an individual relationship, Michael Strahan is open and also honest around his expert feelings for his previous co-worker some four years later, admitting in his New York Times interview, "I learned so lot from Kelly." that went on come reveal, "If human being think, Oh, he hates her — i don"t hate her. I perform respect her for what she can do at her job. I cannot to speak enough about how good she is at her job."