After 5 seasons that Young & Hungry, Emily Osment looks ago fondly on her suffer playing the loveable, mischievous, but always an excellent intentioned, Gabi Diamond.

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The show, influenced by san Francisco food blogger Gabi Moskowitz, took audiences v the ever-changing romance between chef Gabi Diamond (Emily Osment) and her rich tech mogul boss Josh Kaminski (Jonathan Sadowski). Along for the ride to be Gabi’s roommate and bestie Sofia Rodriguez (Aimee Carrero), Josh’s housekeeper Yolanda (Kym Whitley) and publicist Elliot Park (Rex Lee).

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The series finale sees Josh take it the corridor for a getaway ~ above his brand-new yacht. The there that Gabi is provided the chance of a life time by the yacht’s chief (Alex Guarnaschelli) but Josh has actually his very own proposal in mind. Before saying goodbye (maybe simply for currently if we acquire that movie!) to the lover Freeform comedy, Osment bring away time out for an departure interview.

What to be going through your mind once you gained the news initially about the show ending?

Emily Osment: It was a difficult one to stomach. It has actually been end a year due to the fact that we shooting the episode, and we every assumed we’d come back. That was difficult to save my mouth shut around what actually was going on in the series finale that we were doing. Then when we discovered out us weren’t comes back, I additionally had to store that under lock. So, it was an overwhelming to store it exclusive for for this reason long. We really want to walk back. Us really want to finish it and have a nice closing for the show. And also you might still obtain that chance due to the fact that there have been speak of a movie. There is a manuscript floating around, so i think it would be a really great way come wrap everything up. We desire to offer that come the fans. Appropriate now, the finishing is an extremely much a cliffhanger. I think we can all assume what mockery says, but I would certainly still like to watch the thing close.


Tell me what it to be to it is in on this show and also have the function of Gabi Diamond to sink into. You essentially have grown up in former of the camera going all the means back come Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. However, in Young & Hungry you’re a twentysomething handling these young adult issues.

This display is nothing choose Hannah Montana. The a four-camera sitcom. The a comedy, yet the concerns we discuss, and the type of comedy is very different. Ns think i have been lucky to characters on Hannah Montana and on Young & Hungry the were my own age. A most times the is not the case. I normally play younger 보다 I am. On this show, I get to play my own age, i beg your pardon helps as soon as you show real worries that perhaps I was going through in my very own life. I attracted a pair of parallels because that sure once we were working. It was a yes, really wonderful experience. It was a lesson in taking treatment of yourself due to the fact that we worked an extremely hard. There was a lot of patience ns acquired throughout this. I loved it so much, and I love everybody the I functioned with. It to be a long run, and we had actually a really an excellent time. I deserve to go ago and re-watch the episodes if I miss them. It’s all streaming top top Netflix now.

There seemed to it is in some solid camaraderie on set. The cast seemed to have actually a lot of fun together.

Definitely. We all gained along yes, really well. We all came from kind of a comedic place and background. So, that wasn’t hard to acquire us all in a room and also make it every work. It was fun. It was such a good group. We’re every going to be family forever.

Looking back, is there one illustration you are many proud that or will always remember?

It’s tough. There were almost 80 illustration that us did. A the majority of them type of all operation together due to the fact that you’re doing 3 weeks on and also then one week off. It has been a year because we shot the finale, and also I actually had actually to really think about what the storyline was because it had been so long. Ns think we were an extremely lucky to have the exact same crew because that as lengthy as us did. Over there are absolutely some crew members us had since the pilot. That wasn’t just our cast and writing staff. It to be our camera operators and our sound guys, and also our editor Brent, and our director Andy. Anyone was a family.

I think ns will always remember many is functioning with human being that i have operated with in the past, and we obtained to go on this journey together. I operation into civilization when I’m functioning on various other things the were crew members top top Young & Hungry. Actually, I just finished a present called The Kominsky Method because that Netflix that is coming out in a couple of months. Among our prop men on The Kominsky Method would wear his Young & Hungry shirt come work due to the fact that he missed it so much. That loved that we got to job-related together again. That that thing that lugged us every together, and we acquired to be with each other for a long time. Ns felt really lucky for that.

Aimee Carrero, Emily Osment, Rachael Ray

Speaking of The Kominsky Method, what was it prefer working alongside together a strong cast consisting of Michael Douglas and also Alan Arkin?

It was wonderful. That was amazing to go from a four-camera sitcom to a single-camera comedy. That’s constantly fun. It’s a much longer day, yet you acquire a couple of chances at it. Whereas when you are doing our live show you have actually a pair of chances, and also that’s it. I remember going house a pair of times and also kicking myself for not making a particular choice. Once you’re doing a solitary camera comedy, you have actually a lot an ext time to do decisions.

It was wonderful working with Michael Douglas. Ns played in his golf tournament favor 10 years earlier with my brother . We would talk around golf a lot. Alan Arkin is for this reason cute. I know it’s weird because that me to call him cute, yet he is adorable. The actors with every one of the males in the exhilaration studio, we’re actually really close still. We’re excited to watch if we will certainly come earlier for season two.

You also talked a tiny about the Young & Hungry movie. What else can you say about that and also what you think would be included in it? once you look forward v the relationship of Josh and also Gabi, what do you desire to view in this movie plot to bring closure?

I would certainly love to view a wedding. Ns hope that is in there. I desire to check out them get married and also have Gabi type of solidify her career a tiny bit an ext and figure out if this project in Seattle is going come work. Maybe have actually Josh take it a earlier seat in his job to have actually her shine. I think the is something every pair can address when you room both working really hard. Sometimes one needs to take a ago seat in order for the other to shine. Ns think the is essential too. I would certainly love come shoot that in a an extremely fun place. Maybe not in California. Probably we take trip the world. There have actually been speak of that as well. I think it would be yes, really fun. I’ve talked come Jonathan about it, and we expect it happens. We’ll see.

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With the display itself being over, is over there anything from collection that you’ll organize on to as a memento?

I still have my old crappy IKEA furniture in my garage from mine dressing room. Ns don’t understand if that counts. I wrote my name on the within of the wall surface of the home window frame in mine dressing room. The probably gained painted over, but I kind of hid it in a spot. Hopefully, it is still there. I still have my wig that i wore top top the show. Part outfits ns loved. I wore this shoes that ns wore in every solitary scene. I in reality still have the shoes that ns wore in the pilot. That seems favor a weird point to remember, however when you’re walking around, and also your feet hurt for eight hours, it’s difficult to forget them.

We yes, really didn’t obtain a possibility to take anything, yet I didn’t really need to. I remember the fondly, and also right now, it wasn’t that lengthy ago. I do still have actually the manuscript from the pilot the I obtained framed, i beg your pardon is cool. It was an odd thing to have end and the means it did. So, ns excited to watch if we obtain the chance to really wrap it increase again.


You had actually such a specialized fan base. Those the one point you want people to take away from the show?

I think the show is very female-oriented. I think we definitely covered mrs empowerment ~ above the show. With Gabi and also Sofia, they to be strongly career-oriented and also still loved going out and meeting guys and also having relationships. However at the end of the day, the came earlier to their friendship and also what they wanted out of your careers. They were strong, independent woman, and I love seeing that on TV. Ns loved play a character that was like, ‘I choose this guy, but where am ns going to be in 10 years? The decisions i’m making right currently are walking to affect me because that a long time, and also I simply want to do the best one.’

She messes up a lot as we every do. She it s okay herself the end of trouble, but I think we played it really realistically and also honestly through the relationships and friendships we had together. That wasn’t every comedy. We dealt with some actual moments, and we shed some tears. It to be a an extremely well-rounded, all-encompassing show. I give that all to David Holden. The did such a wonderful project making that real.

One the the an excellent things around the series was, through it all, Gabi never readjusted who she was. No matter exactly how rich Josh was or the shortcuts he may have been able come provide, she still lived in that little apartment with Sofia.

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I always thought, ‘Why is she still living in the apartment?’

Where perform you see Josh and also Gabi’s relationship 10 or two decades down the road? how do you snapshot them?

I expect they are still control each other crazy. I favor that around their relationship. They both spoke their mind so much, and it led to them to gain into arguments. Yet sometimes it’s great to fight because you acquire to uncover out exactly how you really feel around stuff. I view them together. Absolutely. I don’t even know wherein they would be though. Ns don’t even know where I watch myself in 10 years, allow alone wherein I watch Gabi.