I have listened to that Creator"s Witnesses are prohibited to state the Promise of Loyalty (to the USA flag) and even to admire it.What is the basis for this restriction? I"m questioning what is so incorrect to have an additional obligation to one"s nation, after one"s obligation to God.



 * Jesus additionally specified that his fans would certainly be" none of this globe". Promising obligation to the flag (or the nation) would absolutely not be meeting that.
Q. Why do Creator"s Witnesses decline to promise loyalty or praise the flag?A. The solution isdiscovered in the extremely meaning of what words "promise"and also "obligation "indicate and also on what God" s word the Holy bible states/ programs to Whom we are to promise our loyalty.

promise noun \ ˈplej \

a significant assurance or contract a pledge to provide cash something that you entrust to one more individual as a method to reveal that you will certainly maintain your assurance

~ Over meaning taken straight from Merriam Webster on the internet thesaurus.

al · le · giance noun \ ə-ˈlē-jən(t)s \

the responsibility of a feudal liege to his liege lord (1 ): the integrity owed by a subject or resident to a sovereign or federal government (2 ): the responsibility of an unusual to the federal government under which the unusual stays

dedication or commitment to an individual, team, or create"

~ Over interpretation taken straight from Merriam Webster on the internet thesaurus.

"You should not create on your own a sculpted picture or a kind like anything that remains in the paradises over or that gets on the planet below or that remains in the waters under the planet. 5 You should not worship them neither be caused to offer them, due to the fact that I Jehovah your God am a God exacting EXCLUSIVE dedication" ~ Exodus 20:4, 5

So he brought him up as well as revealed him all the kingdoms of the populated planet in an immediate of time; 6 as well as the Adversary stated to him: "I will certainly offer you all this authority as well as the splendor of them, due to the fact that it has actually been provided to me, and also to whomever I desire I provide it. 7 You, as a result, if you do an act of prayer prior to me, it will certainly all be your own." 8 In reply Jesus claimed to him: "It is created, 'It is Creator your God you should prayer, and also it is to him alone you should provide spiritual solution.'" ~ Luke 4:5 -8

For that reason, we that are participants of the globally unified Christian members of Creator"s Witnesses will certainly JUST promise our obligation to the One that as the Almighty Maker of Paradise and also Planet exacts EXCLUSIVE dedication/ loyalty ... creator God (the Heavenly Daddy of Jesus Christ).

If we had a main promise it would possibly be stated in the list below means:

I promise loyalty to CREATOR GOD, the Almighty Designer as well as Sovereign Lord of Paradise as well as Planet. And also to His Kingdomof which Christ stands, sanctity under God indivisible with nonpartisanship as well as justice for all.Furthermore, when it come to obligation to one"s nation, Creator guided old Israel to utilize war to acquire the land that He himself as the Sovereign Lord of deep space assigned as their inheritance and also to implement individuals whose base techniques and also defiance of truth God created Creator to see them as being no more fit to get His present of life as well as remain to live. (Deut. 7:1, 2, 5; 9:5; Lev. 18:24, 25) However, grace was revealed to Rahab as well as to the Gibeonites (that were not Creator"s Witnesses/ participants of the country of Israel) since they showed confidence in Creator. (Josh. 2:9 -13; 9:24 -27)

In the Regulation agreement provided with Moses, God set really certain policies for war that He Himself would certainly authorize, specifying exceptions as well as the way in which this war was to be performed. Such were absolutely divine BATTLES OF CREATOR. That IS NOT real of the carnal war of ANY country (consisting of the USA of America) today.With the developing of the first century Christian members, a brand-new scenario originated. Real Christians ARE NOT under the Mosaic Legislation. Christ's fans were to make adherents of individuals of all countries; so adorers of real God would certainly in timebe discovered in all those countries. Nevertheless, what is the objective of those countries when they fight? Is it to execute the will of the Developer of all the planet or is it to even more some patriotic passion? Most of us understand the answer.If real Christians in one country were to head to battle versus an additional country, they would certainly be battling versus fellow followers, versus individuals that wished aid to the exact same God that they did. Such an activity as that is disorderly and also absolutely inappropriate , being that real Christians remain in truth component of the exact same around the world spiritual family members. Properly, Christ routed his real fans to set the sword at Matt. 26:52. He himself, pietistic in the paradises, would certainly hence perform the implementation of those that revealed defiance of truth God as well as His will certainly as videotaped at-- 2 Thess. 1:6 -8 as well as Rev. 19:11 -21.