Along with our main investigation into Jehovah"s Witnesses, W5 has also prepared an interactive v exclusive footage and below, some facts about the religious beliefs that you might not know.

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1. Lock are among Canada"s wealthiest and least transparent charities


The Jehovah’s Witnesses organization is a registered charity, which means they salary no revenue tax. Of the 86,000 registered charities in Canada, they location 18th with much more than $80 million in donations in 2016.

Charity Intelligence, an firm that monitors charities for Canadian donors, provides the team a D-grade due to the fact that they perform not administer details on how donations room spent.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses have a one star rating out of five stars. That need to be a red flag to donors. That need to be red flag to government.”

2. Castle don"t believe in armed forces service, nationwide anthems or voting


Jehovah’s Witnesses do not was standing for national anthems, salute flags, poll or serve in the military.

Followers believe their allegiance belongs to God alone, that runs one actual federal government in heaven.

3. They don"t celebrate holidays


Jehovah’s Witnesses carry out not celebrate many holidays or events that honour civilization who no Jesus. That contains birthdays, mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and also Hallowe’en.

They also don’t celebrate spiritual holidays such together Christmas and also Easter in the belief that these custom-mades have pagan origins.

The organization says “Christmas is no approved by God” because there is no proof the Jesus was born on December 25th and also that the signs of Christmas, consisting of the lights and the tree, have actually pagan roots.”

4. They don"t accept blood transfusions


Jehovah’s Witnesses cite the Old and brand-new Testaments as the Biblical basis for refusing transfusions. They think it is God’s will certainly to “abstain indigenous blood” (Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10; Deuteronomy 12:23; acts 15:28,29).

The company says: “We prevent taking blood not only in obedience come God but likewise out that respect for him as the Giver that life.”

5. Castle shun those who go astray


Those who leave the religion or room kicked out room subjected to an extreme form of shunning. Parents, siblings, friends are instructed to reduced all ties.

The company defends shunning with this biblical passage: “Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.”

6. Lock limit call with non-Jehovah"s Witnesses


Followers space discouraged from having close relationships with those who room not part of the faith. Civilization who are “worldly” space seen as poor influences or “bad associations.”

JWs space advised no to join groups or teams outside the faith and also are additionally discouraged from greater education.

7. They believe Satan is real and also he"s below on Earth


Jehovah"s Witnesses believe that Satan controls the world. He offers religions, governments, advertising organizations and also the media to mislead and also corrupt people.

Concordia university Theological Studies’ professor, André Gagné says: “Since the federal governments of this people are not under oh my god authority, Jehovah’s Witnesses see no reason to adhere or submit themselves come the authorities that the world, consisting of government, the courts and also police, specifically when regulations go against their beliefs.”

8. They think sins call for two witnesses


The topic of intense worldwide criticism, lawsuits and also a royal Commission, the 2 Witness rule is the Jehovah Witnesses’ interpretation of bible that, in the lack of a confession, there should be two material witnesses to a sin because that them to it is in acted upon.

Critics speak the policy protects accused pedophiles, since there are hardly ever witnesses to sex-related abuse.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses administrate Body firmly insist they “abhor sex-related abuse,” carry out not defend pedophiles and educate followers on protecting children.

9. They think the end is near. Very near


Jehovah"s Witnesses think Armageddon is imminent. The religion has previously detailed a variety of dates for the end the human being as we know it, but now tell followers it will happen any type of day now.

They point to worldwide conflicts, ISIS and natural disasters as indicators that we room on the verge of the Apocalypse.

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They think Armageddon will be a brutal and bloody fight between God and also human government and also wicked mankind will eventually be wiped out. Jehovah’s Witnesses execute not believe in Hell.